So you want a review…


I love reading and reviewing indie published books! As an author myself, I understand the importance of those reviews. If you want a review, email me at with your book and genre. While I am happy to read almost any kind of fiction, non-fiction doesn’t engage me and neither does horror. If I don’t think I am the best reviewer for your book, I will let you know.

I have specific standards for my reviews that include readability, cohesiveness, and development. Because I look at those three things as I read, I believe I can give a fair review to a book, even if it’s not my cup of tea.

A five star book will have very few errors, a storyline that makes sense and can be traced from beginning to end that fits into the structures of its genre, and a well-developed plot and characters for its genre and length.

A four star book may have more errors, but the characters will be well-developed and the storyline will flow well, even if a plot-hole crops up.

A three star book might have enough errors that it detracts from the reading, but the overall concept and characters were enjoyable. The book could have been better with some plot development and more in-depth character building.

I won’t review less than three stars because I believe any writer can become better and a bad review from me isn’t worth alienating a potential industry friend.

So that said, I wouldn’t penalize an erotica for having shallow characters and more sex than storyline because that is the genre, but I would penalize a fantasy for the same.

If you have questions regarding my basis for reviews, email me. I am happy to answer them. I look forward to reading your work!

Jen ❤


10 thoughts on “So you want a review…

    1. It’s worth it to offer a critique and wait for the next book by the author. People with a genuine interest in writing will become better and I want to support that evolution. Even I have evolved since Kissing Demons and I know #2 will be so much better.


  1. My friend has a book on Amazon I think should be reviewed. I am new at this book promotion, so how do I get you/somebody to read and review the book. The title is Ladybug by Sean Mikell. I created a website Thank you.

    Jim keeley

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