Thoughts and Musings

A Tragic Tale

They didn’t come in the night. They came in broad daylight. They took the children from their school and the teachers couldn’t stop them. Once the children had been taken, they were paid for their service, and as soon as they found new parents for them, they were paid again. 

Paid to take them. Paid to sell them. 

Sounds like child trafficking. 

It gets better. 

They stole them right out from under the new parents and got paid to do so.

Still sounds like child trafficking. 




It’s the way the federal government funds the various state child protection services. Read this article for sources:

This needs to stop. Certainly some children need to be protected from their parents. No doubt about that! And adoption through social services is a fantastic way for good families to form. The problem is that the government is paying for legalized kidnapping. In our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. Unless someone accuses them of child abuse. Then they are guilty until proven innocent. The burden of proof doesn’t lie with the accusers, it lies with the defense: proving that child abuse didn’t happen. 

My story isn’t nearly as treacherous as the one above. Because my parents ran away the second CPS got involved in our family. My brother got a scrape on his neck. He was a rough and tumble boy and things like that happened. But a teacher called CPS and CPS interviewed me and my siblings at school without our parents knowledge or permission. After a family interview, we left Arizona and fled to New Mexico because the person in charge of our case called my dad and threatened to kill him for abusing us. We. Were. Not. Abused. Children. I am an adult, 25 years out of this incident, and I know, and have always known, that I am loved unconditionally by my parents. They have never abused me through action or inaction. And my siblings will tell you the same. The only thing that saved me from CPS was the instinct as a child that the woman talking to me was evil and the quick actions of my parents leaving a corrupt state. 

If you don’t know or aren’t aware, Arizona in the 80’s was not a safe place for cute kids. So very many kids were stolen from good homes and ruined in the system because it as profitable for Arizona to keep them in the system. 

I am beyond offended by self-serving people screaming for justice they don’t need and ignoring the real injustices going on. This problem with legal child trafficking is one of the many, many issues in our country. I could write blog posts from here until the end of my life on true injustice in this country, but I’m highlighting one that has hit me close to home way too many times. I was not a victim, breastfeeding my 1 year old was not child abuse (but I did have an interview with CPS about it because I was reported for sexual abuse), three swats to a toddler’s (diapered) butt for bad behavior isn’t child abuse, and by God, please stop labeling alternate parenting styles as abuse! Just because you choose time out over swats doesn’t mean you are better and it doesn’t make the other parent better than you. It’s just different parenting styles. I ground my children from electronics, not from riding their bikes and playing outside, but that works for my kids, and what works for them might not work for yours! So stop all these immoral allegations of child abuse and start helping clean up the corruption and child trafficking going on in our Child “Protective” Services. 

Let’s protect our kids for real. Let’s keep them with their parents and use therapy if necessary. Let’s only take them if serious bodily injury or death is reasonably at risk. And let’s make social services accountable for their actions. Civil suits against these organizations would ensure proper investigations take place. Liability for criminal activity, including kidnapping, would stop these services from taking our kids away on a whim. We need this. We don’t need chaotic screaming and pointless protests. Keep protesting, but protest injustice loudly, peacefully, and with respect to yourself and others. 


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