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Release Day!! Veronica Del Rosa Presents “The Love of a Good Fae”

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to share with you my latest book which is now available today at all major retailers. The Love of a Good Fae is novella set in the Enforcers and Coterie universe, which takes place just after book 4 Chained in Desire. While you don’t need to read the previous books to understand what’s happening in this one, they do add to the enjoyment since you will see previous characters.Now before I start rambling, which I do on occasion, I present to you the blurb! I swear, these suckers are harder to write than the actual story. 😉

Lilith Tremaine spends most of her time in an insane asylum, recovering from a vicious attack, or so the world believes. Craving revenge, she’d made a binding oath to the Light Fae queen, Tatiana. A mistake she can’t undo.

Caymus, an elite warrior for Queen Tatiana, has always followed his queen’s wishes. His latest assignment, however, strains his loyalty. Infiltrate a warlord demon’s stronghold and retrieve a dangerous object. The prize Tatiana dangles convinces him to complete the hazardous mission – Lilith’s freedom.

Feeling responsible for Lilith’s attack and subsequent oath to the queen, Caymus would do anything to free the woman he loves from a lifetime of servitude. Even if it means his own death.

Early reviews are favourable: “As with all the books in ‘An Enforcers and Coterie Series’ it had action, humor, battling beings, some hot and steamy scenes and amazing characters.”

“Fay is so cool. Even the plants are out to get you. Not to mention the queens. Along with the awesome setting and the secret mission and all the other yummy stuff that I can’t get into without giving shit away, you have Caymus & Lilith.”

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Of course, we can’t leave without an excerpt, right? 

“I have a mission for you,” Tatiana said, gesturing to the chair next to her. Caymus’ lip curled upwards in a sneer at her pitiful attempt at politesse. Inviting him to her private sitting room, tea and biscuits on the table, no one else in sight—it all added up to one thing.

Tatiana had a scheme in mind and it would anger him.

Caymus dropped onto the chair, projecting an air of careless disinterest while his mind raced. His mother ruled all the Light Fae through cunning and viciousness. As her son, he received no special favours.

“Oh? Please, enlighten me, my queen.” Her lips tightened at his mocking tone and Tatiana drummed her fingers against the chair’s ornate arm. Few dared to meet her eyes, and with good reason. Caymus refused to cower before the woman who’d birthed him, though, no matter how many times she’d punished him for his disobedience.

An evil smile chased away her annoyance, or perhaps her annoyance fuelled the malevolence radiating from her. “An item was stolen from me. I believe the Kattari were behind the theft. You, Lilith, and Seraphina will retrieve it.”

“And where is it now?” Killing a few Kattari wouldn’t bother him. Each one was a traitor to the Fae, colluding with the warmonger, a demon who called himself the Overlord. While the Fae enjoyed a good battle and bloodshed, an all-out war was avoided whenever possible. With low birthrates, they couldn’t afford to lose generations to needless death.

“The Overlord’s stronghold.”

Caymus dropped all pretence of indifference, too shocked to maintain the charade. He leaned forward, gripping his thighs to keep from wrapping his hands around his mother’s throat.

“You want me to what? Break into the Overlord’s stronghold and retrieve a fucking trinket for you? This is a suicide mission. Found a successor for me, have you?” Tatiana had tried for years to broker a merger between him and politically acceptable women. After he’d turned down every single one, she had then started searching for suitable men.

She waved her hand, dismissing his concerns. “I have faith you three will succeed. Seraphina won’t allow harm to fall upon you.”

“I won’t do it. And neither will Lilith.” The missions his mother had sent them on had become increasingly dangerous. He wouldn’t risk Lilith’s life for some blasted bauble. She’d suffered enough because of him and his arrogance.

Sixty-two years ago, his entire world had changed the moment he’d seen her with Elijah. He’d gone to the Coterie library to speak to Elijah and had become instantly obsessed with the laughing, joyful mage. Her happiness had eclipsed all the beauty he’d witnessed in Fay and he’d had to possess her.

Early on, he hadn’t believed her life would be in danger because of her involvement with him. He’d thought he could protect her.

The Kattari had proven him wrong. One moment of inattention and they’d captured her. Tortured Lilith for a year.

“I can force Lilith to go without you. Her oath means she will obey.” Tatiana lifted a teacup to her lips and sipped. Over the rim, she raised an elegantly groomed eyebrow.

He shook his head, amusement overcoming his irritation and self-loathing. “Wrong, Mother. You can’t force Lilith because she’s under my command. Answerable to you, but my hunter. You have no control over her.”

“You will retrieve the object.” Ice gleamed in her eyes, a frigidness better suited towards her enemy than her child. Slyness crept into her gaze. “Once you do, Lilith will have her freedom. I’ll release her from her oath.”


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