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Monday’s Are Not the Hardest

Yeah, Monday is hard for me. I have to wake up early after getting to sleep in on the weekend, and getting the kids off to school is a bit of a chore because of the weekend chaos and the losing of backpacks, shoes, socks, clean clothes, hairbrushes, detanglers, ponytail holders, and any number of other things both large and small. Where things go from Friday afternoon until Monday morning is a mystery. And yes, I know, “get ready the night before”–as if I have the inclination to be that prepared! HA! I apparently thrive on chaos, at least the state of my house and my life would suggest that.

This past weekend, I moved all the dressers into what I am now dubbing “The Laundry Room”, though it certainly has no laundry appliances in it. Right now it has two dressers, who cabinets that I am using as shelving, and my computer, which I never use because it’s in that room. I am currently typing on the alternate “family” computer. Oh. It also has a pile of laundry 4 feet tall. Someone shoot me.


Fine. I will proceed as planned: gonna get the clean laundry folded and put away, gonna cull the clothes in general and put away the spring/summer/fall clothes until such time as the winter lets goes, at which point I will exchange the winter for the spring/summer/fall.

I’m getting off track. You see, Monday is hard, but not the hardest. I would say the hardest days of my week are the ones on which everyone is home at the same time. That would be Sunday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. It’s just difficult keeping up with that many people. I am by nature an introvert and 7 people all at once is hard on me. And just think, sometimes my brother comes over with his lot adding 4 more to the mix. At that point I just escape into the computer or my phone or onto the front porch. I would rather have the sleeplessness and stress of Monday mornings than deal with 7 much less 11 people all afternoon.I know this is just a stage of life and it will be over soon enough, but some days, it cant’ come quickly enough.

Read on, friends.


This is me. 100%. Cody can attest to this.


So I make up my own.



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Are Not the Hardest

  1. Kids make weekends disappear. It’s been proven by dozens of experiments. As soon as school’s out on Friday they turn their attention to sucking time from you. You don’t notice it at the time, it’s so subtle.
    “Fix my cereal.”
    “You’re eight years old now. You can reach the cabinet and refrigerator.”
    “But …(name any Saturday morning show)…’s on.”
    Thirty minutes later, after arguing and losing, you fix their cereal. Then pick up the remains to pre-clean for the dishwasher. Then notice where they spilled the milk on the living room carpet even though you told them to eat in the kitchen.
    Thirty minutes later: “Make me a sandwich.”
    Thank the Lord for school.

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