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Lisa Emme Interviews Isaac from Her Harry Russo Diaries Series

Interview with Isaac from Dead and Kicking

How long have you been a vampire?

Oh, well, that is a rather personal question. Much like asking a lady her age, it’s just not done.  Let us say that I have seen my fair share of time come and go.


Do you drink blood or are you a psychic vampire?

A psychic vampire? Is that what you are calling it?  No, I am merely a Vlad, a vampire of middling power.  I require blood to maintain my life essence.  The ability to survive on life essence, or the aura of a living being, is only found in the most powerful of the vampiro.


Do you enjoy being a vampire?

If you had asked me that question a few months ago, I would have given you a much different answer.  Now however, I believe that the answer is yes.  I have found new purpose in my, shall we call it, life.


How do you feel about humans?

I quite like them.  They are very tasty (he smiles)….just joking.  Harry will like that one.  But in all seriousness, I envy humans.  Your lives may be so fleeting, but you live with such a sense of purpose.


Where are you from?

I was born in what you would call France, but I spent a good portion of my years in Spain and England before coming to the New World.


What makes you happy?

Food.  Specifically preparing a gourmet meal to be enjoyed by those I care about.  Tess says that I’m a ‘foodie’ (he shrugs).  Perhaps I am, if having a keen interest in expanding my palate and seeking new gastronomical experiences makes me one, so be it.


Name one person you trust.

Angharad Grainne Russo.  I trust Harry implicitly.  I have never met anyone, especially one so young, with such a strong sense of right and wrong, who holds to their personal moral code with such conviction.




Dead and Kicking – The Harry Russo Diaries, volume 1
By Lisa Emme


What’s a girl to do when her date is D.O.A?


Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo is just your ordinary twenty-something, with one exception – she’s a witch with an out of the ordinary gift.  When her blind date goes sideways and she ends up face to face with a dead body, her life starts to go sideways too.


Harry soon finds herself right in the middle of the mayhem, dealing with Cian Nash, a homicide detective that is as aggravating as he is sexy; the biggest, baddest vampire in town; and a parcel of pesky zombies that keep popping up everywhere.  It’s all connected to her date’s unfortunate demise, or is there more to it than meets the eye?



Excerpt From Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme
Isaac turned to me, a look of regret on his face.  “I’m very sorry, my dear,” he said and then started towards me, his fangs bared.

“What are you doing?”  I looked at Salvador.  “We had a deal!”

Salvador made a clicking sound with his tongue, shaking his head.  “Always so suspicious, Miss Russo.  Our deal is still in play.  I said you would go home and you shall, whether it is as you are now, or as a vampire, is up to you.”



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About Lisa Emme

Lisa Emme is a Canadian who proudly ends her ABC’s with ‘zed’. She writes fantasy and romance and is the author of the bestselling series the Harry Russo Diaries. A self-professed book-a-holic, she has spent the last few years trying to stem her book hoarding tendencies by writing her own stories and by avoiding the bargain table at the bookstore like the plague.


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