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Woah! Long Break, but I’m Back

I haven’t been on here in a long while because of pregnancy and maternity leave and such and junk. So, this little post is just an update. I will be back to regular posting after this including reviews and general MPLs and whatnot. So, meet my newest addition: Tanner “Baer”.

Baer is now 10 weeks old and here is what we know about him: he is a chill baby unless he is alone, he loves sweet potatoes and Louis Armstrong, and Lady Gaga. His snuggle Lamb is his favorite, and no need for fancy pacifiers, he likes the old school plain jane ones. Also, his siblings love him to pieces especially his brother who would take him everywhere if he could.

As for me, I’ve recovered from all the pregnancy and delivery fun. I’m back to my old self again, and I am writing slowly but surely. Finding the time with a nursing infant is a challenge, but I am using Google Docs as a way to switch from computer to phone when I need to have my arms for holding baby, but my hands aren’t necessary. I’ve been using a sling to “wear” him since he was brand new and this has forged an incredible bond between us. I didn’t do that with my previous two and decided to try something new this time around. I feel like the difference between the first few months of my previous two and his first two months is significant enough that I would advocate wearing your baby to new mothers. It takes a lot of commitment, but as far as my own sleep and ability to function as a parent to three kids goes, I am happy with the result. I get to sleep all night! It’s fantastic!

As for my writing, I am working on three WIPs, untitled all of them. The one that has captured my creativity recently is a darker incubus story. It started as a short story that I wrote to see if I could write a likable anti-hero. I think I managed to create my best hero to date. I think you all will like Matthew when you meet him. I’ll give you a little excerpt later on. For now, just know that in the coming year, I will have at least two and hopefully three new books out for your reading pleasure.

Love yo’ faces!


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