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My Political Rant (aka. #pugsnotpolitics)

Usually, I’m a laid back, forgiving sort. I don’t engage is a huge debates and I live and let live. If I disengaged from everyone I disagreed with, I’d have no friends. I’d have to leave my loving and wonderful family behind and my husband and I would be separated permanently.


But sometimes. Sometimes people go above and beyond even my ability to just ignore.


I’m a US citizen and I vote in every election. I do not *typically* engage in politics on the Internet. My feeds are stuffed full of anti-chooseyourcandidate and pro-chooseyourcandidate. I mentioned last time I was engaging politics via #pugsnotpolitics, and this has been a very interesting social experience. People actually started tagging me in their political posts! I don’t care if you hate Trump or Sanders, I don’t care if the feminist in you hates Clinton, I don’t care if you actually believe Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. I don’t care.


I’ve already done my research. I’m already paying attention to the campaigns. I already know who I am not voting for. And I don’t get my information from memes or unofficial videos, or the Internet bashing that is happening everywhere. Let’s be real here, the memes, videos, links, photos you post, incite high emotions and zero critical thinking. Unless what you have is a list of verifiable information, what you are doing is the opposite of helpful.


Moving people to vote based on high emotion is a bad way to run a country. Emotion doesn’t get the job done. Research, critical thinking, statistical analysis, and all sorts of other important logical steps go into a well run government. Emotions cloud judgement. So, as Sergeant Friday might say, Just the facts, please.


I know it’s hard! The candidates are running their campaigns on high emotion! It’s shameful really, but we can rise above the candidates campaign strategies. We can listen and learn the real facts and make decisions based on what is true and verifiable. We don’t have to let them incite us to voting for them. We can make informed and logical decisions!



2 thoughts on “My Political Rant (aka. #pugsnotpolitics)

  1. We are not robots. You cannot take emotions out because emotions do affect how a government runs. Hysteria, I agree is bad. However, if my being impassioned can save even one person’s, life, dignity and rights, I will be impassioned. People are getting beaten. Fact. Threats are being made. Fact. People underestimated Hitler. Fact. Out of respect for you and your page and ideals, I am not naming any names. I will not post on your wall, but I will on mine. I tag you, not to influence your vote but to accept what you have said you would do if I did. You could put a gun to my head and with my last action I would post. Prior elections I wouldn’t have. I kept my opinions to myself. Always. But I truly believe we are facing at worst World War III, at best another Civil War. I will not be silent.


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