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Twenty Questions

I was tagged on Facebook to do this and since I am going to do it, I might as well make use of it, right? Get to know me or something…

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Straight or curly hair? Curly, always.
Favorite movie? Mrs. Winterbourne
Favorite holiday? HallowThanksChristweeningmas
Best year in HS? Good lord, I wouldn’t redo HS for a billion bucks. Best year? The year after graduation.
# of serious relationships? 4
Sleep with or w/o a fan? I can go either way, but hubby has to have a fan and so we do.
Android or iPhone? I have an iPhone, but I could use an Android.
Texting or call? Please text me. I don’t like talking on the phone, but I will when you need me to.
Facebook or twitter? Facebook. Twitter isn’t a friend of mine.
Favorite type of food? The kind that goes in tasty and comes out stinky.
Dream job? Author
Favorite pizza? BBQ Chicken
Favorite cake? Red Velvet
Talking or fighting? Talking. I’m a peace-maker if at all possible.
Night or day? Apparently night.
Summer or winter? Spring!
Wine or whiskey? Brandy
Makeup or no makeup? No make-up. Too fucking lazy. Except for pictures…sometimes.
Favorite TV show? Uh….Charmed, the later seasons. Flash most currently…Daredevil is good…How to Get Away With Murder? Maybe Supernatural…I can’t pick just one!
Hair up or down? Up. Momma don’t like her hair being pulled.
Jeans or leggings? Jeans and yoga pants.
Painted or none painted nails? I don’t paint my nails even though they look fabulous painted and it makes me feel pretty.
Favorite color? Burnt Orange (Hook ‘Em Horns!)
T-shirt or dress shirt? Blouse.
Flip flops or sneakers? Flip Flops go with everything, right?
Big purse or small? Big red purse that I’ve been meaning to replace, but can’t find anything I like to replace it.
How many piercings? 4
Diamonds or pearls? Pearls
Favorite animal? The human animal
Rap or country music? Country, if I only have two choices here.
Sports or couch? Couch sports! And bed sports! And floor sports!

Who do I want to do this? VeronicadelRosa, KiwiReads, MyMindGrind, LisaEmme and SharpwittedFL.


Veronica’s Response

Lisa Emme’s Response

Here’s a clean copy for your amusement:

Straight or curly hair?
Favorite movie?
Favorite holiday?
Best year in HS?
# of serious relationships?
Sleep with or w/o a fan?
Android or iPhone?
Texting or call?
Facebook or twitter?
Favorite type of food?
Dream job?
Favorite pizza?
Favorite cake?
Talking or fighting?
Night or day?
Summer or winter?
Wine or whiskey?
Makeup or no makeup?
Favorite TV show?
Hair up or down?
Jeans or leggings?
Painted or none painted nails?
Favorite color?
T-shirt or dress shirt?
Flip flops or sneakers?
Big purse or small?
How many piercings?
Diamonds or pearls?
Favorite animal?
Rap or country music?
Sports or couch?

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