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TGIFriday! Also, Let’s Review!

I spent the beginning of the year sick and in bed. My brain function worked as well as the rest of me and I spent my days reading instead of writing while recovering because there was no way I could have put words together into cogent thoughts. I am all better now except for a lingering cough and I have a tight schedule both personally and professionally.

On February 9th, ARC copies of Raising Hell will be dispersed to reviewers. This is the third paranormal romance in my Guardian trilogy. It can be read as a stand alone, so if you haven’t read my previous books and would like to participate as a reviewer for Raising Hell, you still can! Sign up HERE to receive an ARC.


Ai Ye never wanted to be a goddess. She was born, she lived, and she died. Unfortunately it didn’t stick, and everyone knew it. Worshipped for thousands of years, Ai Ye has finally managed to gain her freedom from the cult that worships her. She will do anything to stay out of their hands—if that’s what you call the claws attached to their wrists.

Tyr Einar is immortal and cursed. Nine thousand years of watching everyone he has ever loved come to violent ends has finally broken him. No matter how much he works for redemption, his only reward is blood and death—except he can’t die. But he has a plan. He knows he is missing the pieces of his soul that hold the key to his freedom and he has finally found them. Unfortunately, Ai Ye keeps stealing them right out of his hands.

It’s not her fault. It’s his. He killed her once which gave her that power over him. Well, at least a part of him did. Yuruch was her murderer, the most wanted demon in history, and now he’s her BFF. Ai Ye won’t release Yuruch to Tyr until they both come to an agreement, but she’s putting her life on the line to keep him. The curse is targeting Ai Ye for death now, and only breaking the curse can save her.

When Ai Ye’s worshipers finally catch up to her, it will take everything in Tyr’s arsenal to get her back. The question is, will that be enough to save her?



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