Monday Personal Log

MPL: Stressing and Changing

chriswhatshisnameHalfway through the month already?! How in the heck did this happen??

Right. Time marches on. Whether you are ready or not.
I’m not. Honestly I really am not at all ready. This month has been a wreck for me. Sometimes I get so stressed out that I lose all functionality. Homeschooling does that to me. Like really. I feel like I am not doing my best for my kids and then I get all inward about it and then I don’t do my best for my kids and then I get stressed and lose my ability to homeschool until I pull myself out of this evil cycle. Same thing happens with my writing. And other areas of my life.

I am currently trying to pull myself out of a mess. I need to live a more heart-healthy lifestyle, and with help from my dear friend Veronica Del Rosa, I am doing pretty damn good! Today I am detoxing, cleansing my body with teas and such and trying to get to where I want to be, which is healthy heart and mind, without a bunch of meds.small and positive

Speaking of health, ugh…I’ve worn glassed my entire life since I was a kid, and recently the glasses I’ve been wearing have given me eczema on my face. Veronica suggested vitamin e oil. Anything else I can do to help? Suggestions welcome.

Well, time to start school. Yep we are having a late start, but the benefit of homeschooling is that I can go late if I need to 😀

Jen Winters

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