New Reviewer on Jen Winters Is An Indie Author

My new PA has agreed to start reviewing on my blog and I am so excited to have this wonderful woman in my life! She had I have very similar tastes and personalities. I have definitely found myself a soul-sister in Joan Clark
pheonix fallenPhoenix Fallen by Heather R. Blair
Reviewed by Joan Clark 11/1/2015
Holy Book Hangover (4 out of 5 Stars)
I’m quite positive a better title than Phoenix Fallen for this book couldn’t exist. I was loaned a copy of
this book in exchange for an honest review and began it not knowing what to expect. The beginning
was a little hard to invest myself in, but once it started moving steadily along I became curious and
excited to see where this tale would take me. The backstory of paranormals and shades “coming out”
was interesting and unlike the traditional depictions I have read in previous novels. Surprises were a
constant and kept flabbergasting me up to the last page. The author has weaved it to keep you on your
toes and consistently guessing the next outcome incorrectly. Nothing about the plot or main action
scenes were obvious. I went through such a wide range of motions throughout that is only possible
when so well written. The author had me deliriously happy, filled with hate, and sobbing my
Clarissa was easily relatable and one I bonded with immediately. She begins with her “in your face”
approach, but ends up being a caring, independent, yet vulnerable woman. Her interactions with the
other characters cemented her positive standing with me. She was by far my favorite character. Jules is
a damaged man haunted by the tragedies of his past and his recent change to a vampire doesn’t help
matters. I began connecting with Jules a little further into the book. His interactions with his friends
and their families began to sway me. Although at about halfway through Jules lost my respect. I
understand his history, which we are introduced to fairly early, and agree it is something that would be
almost impossible to move past. However, I felt Jules was unjustified in many of the things he did
despite his own pain to another victim. He attempts to redeem himself, but he didn’t in my eyes. The
romance between Jules and Rissa is sexy, hot, and volatile. It is like the adage, when it was good it was
very good when it was bad it was horrid. The secondary characters were very complex and a huge part
of the novel. I enjoyed how the tale is weaved in a way you become invested in all of these characters
and not just the main characters. I recommend this paranormal romance. It is excellently written and
will have you reading straight through to see what surprises the author has in store for you. Oh and
surprises there are…Muahahaha

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