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Ten On Tuesday With…

Geneva Archer!!

Geneva Archer is the with me today (as always, being the main character/narrator of my first novel, Kissing Demons). I am excited to bring you a character interview!

Thank you for deciding to let me speak to your readers, Jen. You’ve been ignoring me about doing this since Jessica Wren’s inerview with Yuruch!

Apologies, Geneva. I’ve been busy giving Tyr his time in the limelight of my consciousness.

Certainly he needs it. I just met him recently and the poor man needs your help! What are you going to do about that?

Spoilers Geneva! This interview is about you! Not me!

True enough. Just make sure you help that poor man. 

I will, I promise. Haha. Question number one: You are the living embodiment of the Maternal Instinct of God; what makes you different from every loving mother out there?

I am, or rather, I was a mother in my human life. I know the pain the heartache of losing a child. A mother never gets over that kind of pain. It hurts to watch your child wither and die in front of you, and it leaves a hole in your heart no matter how prepared for it you are. As the Maternal Instinct, I am given the job of helping human mothers not have to experience that kind of pain. Even still, I can’t save every mother’s child, so sometimes, I am appointed the task of helping with that pain. Making it bearable when it seems the world is hopeless. I protect the world as a mother protects her child; I teach the world as a mother would teach her child; I tend it’s wounds lovingly; I give it hope in its times of trials, and I try, I try so hard to give this world a sense of purpose and direction. That is the job I am tasked with, and that is the job I am good at.

I have had some readers read your story and wish to become like you. Why do you think that is?

I am hope–the embodiment of hope. I take on large tasks and small tasks just to help this world become a better place. If a reader wants to be like me, all they must do is spread hope. Don’t walk by someone who is lost; help them. Don’t ignore the pain in this world; help heal it. You can do these things in small ways every day of your life, or you can give yourself the task of something large and work toward that end. I have known people whose lives seemed not to matter to the world, but they did. One man’s hopelessness if not helped can change the entire course of the world. I think history teaches us that one single small decision can turn the world upside down for decades. Try to make your decisions in a way that spreads hope and love, as if this entire planet and everyone in it were your own offspring.

Yuruch did a number on Fort Worth under your watch. Did you ever contemplate giving up in light of all that misery?

Of course I did. What person wouldn’t? Though the blame for the bombings falls squarely on Yuruch’s shoulders, had I been present or had I not taken my vacation with Alex, I might have stopped it. Not only were there thousands of human deaths, but the supernaturals of Fort Worth also took quite a blow to their numbers. A whole coven of basically good vampires were wiped out! Those vampires were an integral part of the defense of Fort Worth against demonic activities as much as my Guardian Sisters are. Rebuilding that line of defense is going to take time and I don’t even know if it’s possible.

What about Ambrose? Certainly he can help with that?

Ambrose might, but Lavinia will have to talk him into it. I understand that he is reticent to stay in contact with his descendants, even the ones who have been wonderful to have around. Perhaps you should write a novella about that?

Seriously? I don’t have enough on my plate with Raising Hell and Candace’s book, you want me to add another WIP to that?

Candace? Who is that?

Oh right. Sorry, you haven’t met her yet. I understand she is related to you.

Interesting. I look forward to meeting her! And yes, I think you should write another novella. Fort Worth needs vampires and only you can bring them back.

Fine. I will. But not until I get Raising Hell done. Pushy, pushy.

Don’t blame me for pushiness; you created me. Ha!

Moving right along…After you captured Yuruch, he escaped. What did you do when that happened?

Obviously I alerted the Sisters. I tried to contact the Prophetess, but she is unavailable right now. I did start looking for him, but I didn’t have to wait long for him to show up again. Ambrose has a way of keeping tabs on him and found him right off.

Why couldn’t you get in touch with the Prophetess?

Because you have her hidden away somewhere?

Dammit woman, I am trying to conduct and interview here!

Well you should have thought about that before asking me questions only you have to answer to. So where is she?

Missing in action. That is all I am going to say until I get around to writing her book.

So basically what your saying is, we don’t have a Prophetess guiding us right now?

I think you are doing a helluva job without her, Geneva.

Thank you, I appreciate the support, but do bring her back to us. The Sisters can’t really get along without her, don’t you think?

I’m not planning on bringing her back, Geneva. You will just have to learn to cope without her.

WHAT?! She is our MOTHER! You can’t get rid of her!!!

Trust me. I know what I am doing. You will be fine. She’s been at this a long time; she needs a break. A very, very long break.

Jen Winters, I am done. I can’t talk to you any more about anything! I have to go do something. I have to prepare. I have to warn the sisters! I will not let you get rid of our Mother! I won’t let you do it! Good bye!

Dammit Geneva! I–and she’s gone! Fucking characters! Feel free to go buy my books. Geneva stars in Kissing Demons, Alex stars in Kissing the Rain  (free), and Ambrose stars in Falling Angels.



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  1. Woot! You do KNOW I don’t have the time to keep reading your books, right? Ok … they’re like potato chips – just one more….


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