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Guest Reviewer: Lavern Winters

Hello Reader! Thanks for stopping by! Today I have a special guest, my Mother! Lavern Winters is reviewing for me today. I just want to mention a few things first!

  1. Kissing Demons is free today through Monday!
  2. Patricia Rose has been a HUGE supporter since we met and she is one of the SWEETEST women on the planet! I am so excited to present this review today because DAMN this book was GOOD!

five star

Iron Mike


Patricia Rose


A book in the science fiction genre and the blurb I read about caught my interest and I wanted to read Iron Mike for my own pleasure. It took me awhile to get to it as I had other obligations. Once I did get to read this book I was not disappointed. I was captivated by the story, and did not want to put it down.

Basically it is an apocalyptic alien invasion story. The aliens have been monitoring the planet for a long time and have decided that there are no sapient beings on the planet and that it is a good clean planet to use a garden. It is the right size and the right conditions to farm. Humans however are a feisty species and when invaded will fight back. Even if their technology is inferior  humans will find the enemy weaknesses.

The destruction done by the aliens in preparing the planet for farming is devastating with a lot of death and the break down of governments. It takes place in the United States and because of the devastation martial law is implemented. The main character, Mike is in his late teens and both parents die in the initial wave of invasion. The responsibilities that Mike takes on thrusts him into full adulthood.

The way the author depicted human behavior after such an event is well thought out and easily believable. People can become either exceptionally bad or exceptionally heroic faced with massive destruction. Events such a Hurricane Katrina give a clue as to human response to massive destruction. This story takes these responses and multiplies to the level of an apocalyptic event.

There is a love story thread winding through the novel as one would expect after such a horrific event. Humans tend to respond to the stress of tragedy through developing closer relationships for mutual support. The love story is mostly sweet and sex is more of a statement of fact rather than a detailed intimate experience. The relationship however is developed over time and well done.

Many emotions are elicited in the book and I was totally drawn into the experiences and emotions of the characters. The plot was very well developed and a bit unusual for a typical sci-fi. I believe the story was characterized as “sci-fi lite.”

Iron Mike is definitely a five star read. The characters are excellent, the plot is well done, the writing draws you into the characters and their emotions and experiences. It would be appropriate for young adult and adults over 16. If you like a good science fiction novel then I highly recommend reading Iron Mike by Patricia Rose.


Grandma Peachy

a.k.a Lavern Winters

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