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Surreal Enemies: Angel City


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Someone’s been killing Slates and freeing the Melted from their ice prisons in the Heaven embassy. The God Generation consists of supernatural entities – angels (the Worthy), demons (the Melted), and archaic gods & goddesses (the Slates), born into human flesh and living among the rest of us.


Morgan Constantina is an abuse survivor and a recovering ecstasy addict. She’s been working hard to learn how to be tough and never be anyone’s victim again. Her new life with her loving, supportive, semi-famous boyfriend – who happens to be her former Living Guardian Angel – grows to include an addition to the family, moving to Los Angeles, meeting his gigantic family, and reluctantly co-starring in their new restaurant-based reality TV show. Morgan learns there are Worthy authorities who keep a judgmental eye on mundane humans. One of them is quite helpful, but another has a personal agenda that could cause trouble for her.


And as she’s meeting new people, she’s also gaining some enemies. High on the list of foes is an old family friend who’s made threats to kill her, her own mother who thinks she’s immoral and soulless, and her boyfriend’s former flame – a woman Morgan’s already met!


Surreal Enemies: Angel City is a story about the war of good and evil inside all of us, and the powerful, unforgettable force of parental love.

Author Bio

moddie and babyChrissy Moon considers both Los Angeles and Seattle her home.

Her days are mostly spent caring for her sons, complaining about bad drivers, drinking espresso, watching her favorite TV shows on DVD, and reading up on history.

Originally a poet from childhood through her teens and 20’s, she began writing fiction in 2011. Since she has little focus, she has and will continue to produce fiction of all sorts.

More information about Chrissy and her recent projects can be found on


FB author page:

Twitter: (profile)

Or username @WriterAngel




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