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MPL: What Do Supernaturals, a Radio Interview, and Facebook Have in Common?

Me, of course!



I am going to be on Let’s talk with Rachel and Bennett Wednesday (Oct, 28th) at 6:30 pm EDT. There will be a live chat where you can ask questions and participate! Join me!!


Second, Facebook!!

On Friday I am hosting a paranormal romance blow out from 2:30-10 pm! This party is the reason I got on the radio show!! WOOHOO!!!

Join me to celebrate paranormal romance with some of Facebook’s hottest authors!! We are also having a competition to see what supernatural rules the PNR world! Pick a team, join the fray, earn your points, and show your true colors!

Event Schedule:

2:30 Krystal White
3:30 Thanna Avilea Setliff
4:00 Suki Sather
5:00 Barbara Chioffi
6:00 Scott Borgman
7:00 Veronica Del Rosa
8:00- 9:00 Ariel Marie
9:00-10:00 Jen Winters


Third Supernaturals!!!

So all this week I have been thinking about the strengths, characteristics, vulnerabilities, and popularity of supernaturals. Vampires and Shifters are by far the most popular supernaturals to write romance about, because we love them. Vampires are dangerous, but it isn’t just that we know they are dangerous, it’s that we know they are dangerous and we don’t care. Why don’t we care? They bite! They can literally drain us of life through our necks and for some reason we don’t care enough about that to shudder away from them as our romantic heroes! Why? It’s because they are so seductive. They charm us and make us feel safe with them when the truth is we are far from safe. We love vampires because they seduce us from our first encounter and woo us until we are willing to risk life and limb for them.

Shifters don’t have the same affect on us. Certainly they are seductive, but not in that life-endangering way that vamps are. These creature woo us with they ferocity and loyalty, their pheromones, and most importantly, our ability to put ourselves in their arms. What do I mean? I mean, the most popular shifter books are the ones where the heroine isn’t a stick figure! Type into Amazon “BBW Shifter Romance” and see what you get (or just follow that link because it’s the same thing). You get 12,000 titles of women with thick thighs and shifters who want a girl they can pound into without breaking. Seriously. I have read those words in one order or another in almost every shifter book I’ve read recently.

While I love shifter romance, and it is certainly my go-to when I am sick, my favorite supernaturals are the ones that don’t get a lot of track time. I love the Fae, but not because I am in love with them nor are they where I go for my book boyfriends, but because they are so diverse. You can have heart-stoppingly beautiful Fae and in the same story, frighten-you-to-death ugly Fae. And they are all important! Grotesque trolls and beautiful Sidhe live together in a world that is as diverse in it’s possibilities as it is in its inhabitants.

What I have found lacking in the PNR world is stories about Elves. There are a few, and I have read some of them, but they are not nearly as prolific as other supernaturals. I had to go searching out an author who writes about Elves this week, and fortunately I know enough people that I found a friend of a friend to help me out, but DAMN! There is not enough of these books out there!!

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list, I blatantly left out the spell-casters, so feel free to comment about your personal favorites and least favorites in the comments. And make sure you check in to the party and the radio interview because I am having an awesome week and I want to spread the love!


I can’t believe I forgot to mention I have having a Kindle countdown deal from  Oct. 29th-  Nov. 2nd for Kissing Demons. Tell your friends they can download it for free!!

Kissing demons cover teaser


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