Author Interviews

Author Interview: Lynne Murray

Gravitas by Lynne Murray and so much more!!


I would like to thank author Lynne Murray for being here with us today. Welcome Lynne.

Lynne Murray author picLM:Thanks for having me!

GP: We are glad you are here today and I’m sure that our readers would like to know more about you. What are your favorite activities outside of writing?

LM: I’m hopelessly curious about so many things. I have more physical limitations than when I was younger so most of my explorations are online, but there is so much to learn. I live near the ocean, so I spend a lot of time staring at it, often with a cat perched on my shoulder. My cats are all rescues and they daily return the favor. I’ve also practiced Buddhism since I was 19 and that has helped me do what I need to do. It also has reined in my natural tendency to say what I think is funny…

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