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My First #Chacter #Interview!!!

Today I get the honor and privilege of interviewing one of Toronto’s most powerful women. I would like to thank Veronica Del Rosa for her time and energy in creating such a wonderful character and reality. You can find Veronica’s Enforcers and Coterie series in the links below!




maraI would like to thank Mara for being her with me today. Mara is the Mage Coterie Leader of the Americas. Thank you for joining me today. I am excited to get your perspective on all the to-do going on in Toronto.

Hi Jen, thanks for having me here. There was several meetings I had to postpone, but I wanted to spend some time with you.

I certainly appreciate you taking the time! I will try to make this as quick and painless as possible, so let’s get to it!

You have been around for a long time, how long have you been the Mage Coterie Leader?

As the leader, for about five hundred years. I was sworn in after that nasty little incident with the previous leader. Before that, I was a Mage Enforcer for close to a hundred years.

Did you always intend to become the Mage Coterie Leader? And curiosity is burning within me, what happened with the previous Leader?

Yes, my goal since I had joined the Enforcers was to one day rule it. I learned everything I could about the organization. The Keeper was a valuable source of information.

The previous leader had his mistresses under a blood bond. He spied on them through it and when they no longer appealed to him, he killed them. He’s the reason why we outlawed the spell and destroyed all knowledge of it.

Oh! That is scary! That blood bond stuff really affected Dawn. Speaking of, did you know her before she met Julia?

No, I’d never met that vampire before, and I would’ve been perfectly happy had she never crossed my path. Keeper’s interest in her has divided his attention. He no longer spends hours researching. Some days I have to hunt him down with a mind-speak.

He seems happier now and you know what they say about happy employees…

Hmm, perhaps. It can always be used to my advantage, that’s true. Even though I can’t read her, I can sense she does care for him.

Ha…? Not what I meant, but ok!

So moving on. What did you think when that video of Jackson showed up and he fell off the grid?

Jackson was a vexing problem for us. A very promising Enforcer, one who had the trust of Victor, and he didn’t fall for the lies of demons. I’d had high hopes for that one until he had apparently lost control of a demon. It didn’t sit right with me, even with the video. That’s why I had Markus hunt him. If anyone could get at the truth, it would be him. Colour me surprised when he took nearly a year to capture him.

I bet it was a bit more a surprise to discover Julia helping him and falling in love with him too!

Astonished is a better word for what I felt. I’ve had a lot of interaction with Julia since she’s Markus’ partner. She is not the type to break protocol, and for her to aid a fugitive.. let’s just say I hadn’t expected that at all. We had feared Jackson killed her since she never contacted us. I was relieved to find her alive. Although that relief didn’t spare her from punishment. Enforcers cannot break our laws because they feel like it.

That is probably a good thing for all Enforcers to realize. Not even favorites get away with breaking protocol. Did Markus’ failure to capture Jackson in a timely manner put his skills in doubt for you, or has it bolstered your trust for Jackson at all?

Markus may think I’m blind, but I’ve been around a lot longer than he has. He’d missed a few opportunities to capture Jackson, which is unheard of with Markus. The first time Jackson slipped through Fay without any issues, I suspected our top Enforcer had a hand in it. Intruders in Fay are dealt with swiftly. As for Jackson himself, I have to admit, I have my eye on him now. Even without Markus interfering, he still evaded several of our task forces for a year. I have plans for that one.

I understand secrets must be kept, but now I just want to know what your plans are!

Yes, that information will be kept secret. I need to mould him first. Suffice to say, it has something to do with demons. Both him and Victor will find themselves in an interesting position soon. No more can be said about that, though.


Ok, ok. I noticed that when the werewolves gather to help the enforcers, a certain one of them keeps an eye on you. Have you noticed him at all?

Him… yes, I’ve noticed his attention, like he has the right to stare. The wolf doesn’t realize he’s out of is league. I respect that he’s Derek’s Beta and to be in that position means he has a lot of personal power, but that means nothing in my world. I rule all of the Americas. I am responsible for every mage. For that, I need a peaceful home life, solitude and calm. How can a werewolf give me that? They are passionate, unruly, and forbidden.

That is true! I didn’t really know he was your type, Mara. That’s pretty interesting. Maybe we can explore this more later?

He’s not my type. He’s too wild. When I marry, it’ll be another mage, one who understands the need for serenity. That wolf will learn his place.

I apologize for my impertinence, but you know me. I’m always on the look-out for a happily ever after!

One more question and on a more serious note. Do you know who is responsible for the overly active demonic presence in Toronto and the surrounding areas recently? Do you have any theories about what is happening to your world?

I have an idea, but no evidence. I’ve heard rumours of a demon who’s gathering forces, and he calls himself the Overlord. As of yet, I’m unsure of which mage summoned him, but rest assured, I will find out. I have several of my best Enforcers on this, although the investigation has been ongoing for over a decade at this point. This Overlord is smart and resourceful. The increase in activity leads me to believe the demon is getting restless, and when he overreaches, we’ll destroy him.

You scare me, and also excite me. I am looking forward to seeing you more. Thank you for spending your valuable time with me! Call me as soon as you know when we can have lunch. I’m itching to see Toronto!

And thank you for your time. I would say it was fun, but that would imply I felt enjoyment. Anytime you need a teleport to Toronto, let me know. I have standing reservations with all the best restaurants here. Maybe we can tweak a wolf’s tail at the same time.

Veronica can be a jealous one, so we’ll keep it as our little secret.

LMAO!! What goes on in Toronto, stays between us! Thanks!!


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