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Release Day!! Diablo by Sean Riley



Diablo was an intelligent, sensitive child but fate orphaned him to a violent, loveless home life.
Fatherless and raised by a mother who thrived on his humiliation and pain, Diablo
grew into a wildly wicked sociopath.

Being clever and cold, he lived up to his namesake, destroying hearts and hope with every path he crossed until he earned himself a ten year stint in Georgia’s harsh, backwards penitentiary.

Coming home with noble intentions and focused on his dream of being a successful writer, Diablo finds himself in a love triangle with the two women he absolutely will not compromise. Shady, his first true love, is back in his life but for how long? Her desire to seduce every man has Diablo second guessing their reborn relationship.

Meanwhile, his daughter’s mother, Lyric, seems to intuitively understand his every need and he finds it hard to tell her no, even when he knows he should.

Can someone named after the dark prince himself remain on the straight and narrow surrounded by so much pressure and temptation?

DIABLO OUTCAST; the second book in the DIABLO trilogy, will give you a more profound glimpse into Diablo’s disturbed, vulnerable psyche as you journey deeper into the soul of a man who wants nothing more than to redeem himself by doing good but ends up faltering over past sins and a future filled with illusions.



Sneak Peek

Diablo shrugged his shoulders in a ‘what more can I say?’ gesture. “Hey, thanks for one of the best days of my life. I mean that.

“It can get better if you want it to.”

Diablo’s necked whipped around so fast it took his eyes a second to catch up and adjust. Lyric was holding the staring wheel tight with both hands. She was breathing slow and deep not looking his way.

Diablo knew it was time to go. “I’ll see you later Lyric.”

As he pulled the door latch he felt Lyric tap him on the shoulder. He twisted his neck only to feel the softest lips he’d felt in his life, even softer than Shady’s, brush up against his own.

His reacted naturally to the sweet nectar on his lips, opening his mouth, inhaling female oils. Lust flooded his penis and finger tips violently.

The rough breakthrough of her tongue fully into his mouth brought him back to reality. His back slapped the car door hard enough to crack it.

Despite having been the instigator, Lyric recovered fast enough to speak first. “Oh my freaking God. That was incredibly stupid of me, Diablo. I hope I haven’t ruined our friendship.”

Diablo hands no longer shook but his heart still thundered in his chest. “Who’s going to find out-I-I mean who’s going to tell?”

“Not me,” Lyric answered archly. Now she was back to playing the Siren again. Was that whole episode an accident or was she purposely trying to seduce him? Diablo would have thought the idea absurd twenty-four hours ago but now he wasn’t so sure.

Did he really know Lyric at all? More importantly did he need to know Lyric? He was already kicking himself, wondering how it happened it all.

This was not worth jeopardizing Shady for. No fling would be as satisfying as knowing he had Shady all his own. Especially with Lyric. He’d never even considered her in any way other than friendship.

Sure she was fun, attractive, and the mother of his daughter but she couldn’t hold a candle to the feelings Shady inspired in him. Shady made him want to be loyal.

Something he’d never experienced before.

Diablo half fell, half jumped out the truck. He walked up the concrete steps without looking back.

He called Shady twice but she didn’t answer. It was close to midnight so he guessed her to be in bed already.

He lay down in his own bed exhausted. His phone whistled shrilly on his chest causing him to jump. He snatched up the phone about to hit the button to answer when he saw Lyric’s name on the screen.

He tossed the phone aside and allowed the darkness to take him away.

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Author Bio

sean rileySean Riley was raised in the Atlanta/ metro Atlanta area. He has an insatiable curiosity that spills over into his everyday life and is also an admitted thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie.
On more regular days Sean enjoys fitness, reading, laughing and discussing current events.
He always listens to music while he writes because the kinetic energy of the melody constantly brings about new ideas.
He is also passionate about his family and genuinely enjoys being a father and uncle.
In his chosen profession as a fiction writer nothing is more important than creating stories that touch people and connecting with his readers.
Sean LOVES people and is always open to forming new associations and bonds with people from all walks of life!


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