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Author Interview: Robyn Peterman!

robyn petermanLast Sunday I had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Robyn Peterman, author of the BOTM we have this month in Trail-Mix Readers, Ready to Were (FREE!!!)

Here is a transcript of the conversation, and btw, if you haven’t read this woman’s comedy/parody PNRs you need to get into them. They are fantabulous!

J=Jen Winters R=Robyn Peterman, C= Candace Johnson Fox, V=Veronica Del Rosa

J: I’m going to start us off with a hard one! Robyn Peterman, I adore your comedy/parody. How did you get into writing it? What drew you to comedy and keeps you writing more?

R: I was an actress for most of my adult life and comedy is what I love. I used to punch up scripts (write jokes and stuff for scripts) when I was acting! I didn’t actually finish a book until 3 years ago…

J: DAFUQ?! YOU have a library on kindle…how to do you write so much?!

R: I write FAST!!! I pants and I just let it rip!

C: She is awesome that way. So Pookie, when you think up a new concept for a book is it usually one book or the entire series come at once?

R: I also can write anywhere…In my car in pick up line at school. During soccer practice etc

J: That is fucking awesome!!

R: Candace. One book and the rest seems to fall together

J: So you are a hybrid author, your contemporaries are through Kensington and your pnrs are indie. Tell me, what do you love most about being indie for your PNRs?

C: Ahh. I just loved Ready to Were and its sister Book Some Were in Time. Whats the next one for this series?

R: I like the control. I love writing for Kensington, but I make a lot more $ writing indie…LOL

R: Candace Johnson Fox the next one is Dima’s book. I will reveal the cover soon

C: sweet…

C: so can you give me some computer advise Pookie? I need to figure out how to embed a video, and advise?

R: You spank the computer. The butt is on the bottom left. Three times lightly and then yell at it. This will work

C: I knew there had to be a trick to it…Thanks, its screaming for bed already..hehe

J: LMAO!! Indies making money?! WOW!! I have hope!! 😛


R:  just write a good book…then another….then another and pimp like a MOFO

J:  Another question: Whatcha readin’? Or, what do you read? Are you a top-sellers list only, or do you find indie gems, or do you even have time for that?

R:  I read all the time and I read everything. LOVE paranormal romance, love sexy contemporaries, love biographies and LOVE YA

R:  Some of my go to authors…..Darynda Jones, Thea Harrison, Jeanniene Frost, Donna McDonald, Cherisse Sinclair, Eve Langlais, Dakota Cassidy and SO many more

J:  PNR is my favorite!! But I will settle for anything with a hunk in it wink emoticon

J:  Ok, one more before I start asking about Ready to Were … What is your all time, hands-down, favorite memory associated with your writing career?

C:  You have to read Robyn’s other PNR series. Fashionably Dead is free too… Fashionably Dead

R:  Lying about having a finished manuscript and ending up with a three book deal with Kensington…

J:  I’ve read several so far!! (that’s why I am a fangirl)

R:  ❤

J: LMAO!!! Not done yet, eh?

R:  not started

R:  Pulled it out of my ass and pitched. Being an actress came in handy

J: LOL!! WOW!! Well done! Was this a live pitch? Did you walk in and get in front of an editor?

R:  Live. At RT. Pitch-a-poolusa

R:  Got several offers. Went with Kensington

J:  That’s awesome! About Ready to Were. Are the next in the series about the same characters?

J:  (that’s my own curiosity because I haven’t read them yet)

R:  Some Were in Time is out and follows Essie and Hank (and Granny and Dwayne) BUT more characters are added. It will be an on going series and other characters will get their own books. I WILL however come back to Essie and Hank often

R:  Some Were In Time by Robyn Peterman

C:  I just adore Essie and Hank..

J:  (SPOILER ALERT) Do you have a list of powers Dwyane has and can you tell us about them, because he was my favorite character and I really want to know what’s behind the curtain there. grin emoticon

J:  Wait, are you going to tell me to read Some Were in Time, because I have it, I swear and I will read it, I swear!

R: I can’t tell……LOL. Actually I’d probably screw it up anyway. I’m in the middle of Witch Glitch and it’s a different series. My brain is TOO FULL

R:  And yes….read Some Were in Time

C:  LOL… stay on task Pookie

R:  Candace Johnson Fox you know me better than that…LOL

C: I know, organized chaos

J:  Ok…One more question…why does Candace Johnson Fox call you Pookie???

R:  Because I call everyone Pookie names!!! like Pookiemoomoowampie, Pookiedidisusunoobles, etc. I cannot pronounce them.

R:  it makes me happy

J: YES!!

J:  Babe is my go-to…now I’m feeling I need a bit more creativity in my name calling wink emoticon

C:  We have a Queen Tittiekaka, a Dickie, me-Sugarbritches…We have a Pookie Posse..LOL

J: Pookie Posse…needs to be a book 😉 though reality is, I bet, stranger than fictions (gigglesnort)

C:  I don’t think we classify as stalkers just yet, at lease I haven’t shown up on her door step yet..hehe

J: I think the operative word is ‘yet’ there

C: I like to reserve all options

J:  Best to. You never know…

V: Yes, always reserve your right to stalk and show up randomly. It makes life so muhc more fun.

J:  I’ve done that with Veronica. She said she’d bake me cookies if I ever managed to get my arse to Canada

V: Bake you cookies, make you buttertart squares, and give you a big, giant hug….

J: And a smack on the ASS!

V: Well now, that’s just for fun!

readytowere some were in timefashionablydead

I just want to thank Robyn for spending time with us on Trail-Mix Readers and letting this reader fangirl over her for a while! Thank you to all the participants in this month’s BOTM and looking forward to next month’s extravaganza where I will be demanding answers from my buddy writer/queen of emotional reads, Samantha Christy.


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