Monday Personal Log

Happy Labor Day: MPL

And happy birthday to my now 4-year-old son, Leif!! I am celebrating at the park with the kids and their friends and omg is it a great day!

I cannot belive 4 years ago I got to see this boy’s face for the first time. Honestly, I thought he was ugly, but I loved him with my whole heart–and it’s a good thing because for the first 4 months of his life he would scream for 4 hours beginning at 8pm every night. Every. Night.

Thank God he grew out of that! Now he’s an obsessive boy who love Mario and Minecraft. You don’t even know how many times I have listened to the Mario Star Theme Song in the last few months…YouTube, I hate you.

I homeschool and he is currently in Kindergarten. I know he’s young, but honestly, he was sitting at the table asking to do his worksheets, so I came up with work sheets for him, and now I have a whole curriculum, and he’s doing Kindergarten work (and getting bored with it because he already know this stuff). He taught himself how to add with his fingers (I assume by watching me teach Coral), and he’s getting pretty good with the flashcards. He’ll probably be a reader before too long. Watch out world, here comes Leif. He should come with a warning label: Warning! Entering a High-Intellect Child Zone. Watch your effing mouth!

Because, yeah, we’ve had some problems. He uses those adult words correctly, but he shouldn’t be using them at all! And we don’t even cuss around the kids! A couple of weeks ago, Leif is standing in the classroom door and hubby makes to chase him and Leif just turns around and says, “Oh sh!t!” and runs off giggling. Poor kid. One moment he’s having fun playing, the next he’s disciplined. Love that kid to death, and I feel so sorry for him.

So happy birthday to my beloved son, Leif; may there be many, many more to celebrate.


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