Book Review: Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn


Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn is the first of her series of tough boy BD romance books. The subject matter for me was a bit tough to read.Fighting Fate But I stuck with it and finished the story and will read the rest of the series as it is published. Dax is an enforcer for a drug cartel family and is called upon to participate in the kidnapping and brainwashing of a woman who disrespected the playboy son.

I did not like Dax and my distaste for him was strong through most of the story. Ivy was a strong female character and so easy to love. She was a fighter with a sassy tongue who could also play the game to convince her captors, except Dax, of her submission. The romance was shaky through most of the story because Dax was unable to trust or make the right decision.

The writing was excellent…

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