A Review of Raising Hell by Phillip T. Stephens: by Tessa Belladonna

Hello, my sweet darlings this is my first blog.

five star

raising hell Phillip StephensOnce I got started reading this book, I just could not put it down. I had to know what the deal was with the main character. I wanted to know everything the who, what, when and where’s of everything involved with why he was in this situation and what was going to happen next. The main character Pilgrim was sent to Hell to provide positivity and bring Satan back to the real world.

This is an excellent story about how Positivity and goodness come overcome negativity. I enjoyed reading this tale. It was a little dark at times. Hell is visualized very well in this story and it made you feel like you were there. The author here gives a very detailed and very well researched story universe.

Buy Raising Hell by Phillip Stephens on Amazon.

@}~~Tessa Belladonna ~~{@


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