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Jen Winters is an Indie Author is CHANGING!!

As of today, I would like to introduce my new blogging partner

Tessa Belladonna!


Hey y’all! I’m Tessa and I love to read. I am an adventure waiting to happen. I love excitement. I have a southern drawl and a mean right hook. I love puppies and kittens. Gardening and cooking. I want a partner that can live with and love me, like I do them. I have been known to can a garden. Have lived in a tent. Love to fish, love the beach, and I have an affection for travelling.



Tessa and I have been in negotiations today and she has finally agreed to review on this blog for you all! I am so relieved that my charm and personality won her over (it was the free books, I swear it). Please give my new partner a warm welcome and let her know how much we appreciate her taking on the reviews for this blog! Of course, I will still do some reviews, but she will be our main reviewer. You will still email me for reviews and I will still be getting to know the new authors on this blog through interviews and guest posts. But you can look forward to Tessa’s reviews here starting as soon as I get her convinced to post her review of Engaging by Sarah Curtis!


6 thoughts on “Jen Winters is an Indie Author is CHANGING!!

  1. Thank you so much for the support. I am very new to this. I will work very hard to give the best review as possible. Love yall. Thanks again. Here we go with a new adventure Belladonna Style.

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