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Mid-Week Review: Guest Reviewer J.S. Burke

Today I have the honor and privilege of having Jenny Burke on my blog reviewing Tim Hemlin’s The Wastelanders. Yesterday Jenny’s book showed up at my front door via Amazon and I have to say, I am excited to read it! I don’t often buy paperbacks, but this for a good cause!

J.S. Burke says, ” I donate (from all profits on sales of my books and jewelry) to the Empty Stocking Fund, which helps people who are in desperate need but don’t qualify for other help; 100% of these donations go to helping the people in need. I also donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council, which works to protect the environment.”

five star

A fascinating future world!


By J.S. Burke


11036308_1609231896028616_5158693116477106806_oTHE WASTELANDERS by Tim Hemlin weaves together philosophy, mysticism, futurism, politics, and time warps to create a fascinating future world. The creative, intricate details make it real. It’s set in an arid, Dune-like future world, after global warming has devastated the breadbasket of America. The book cover states: “When water is scarce, a drop is more precious than gold.” Bernie Hawke is a trained guard suspected of helping to blow up a water station. His son Joey, who joined a wastelanders group living outside the civilized bubble, is the prime suspect. Joey escapes but Si-Ting, his girlfriend, is detained.


Several factions are battling for control of the country. In an interesting twist, Si-Ting becomes mentally powerful and helps shift the balance. There are plots spinning within plots and political/philosophical musings: “By nature people didn’t necessarily want freedom–the illusion of freedom worked just fine.” The characters are unique, memorable, and grow naturally with the story. The writing is very descriptive with nice touches of poetry: “Light tens of thousands of years from the past struck the earth in the form of stars.”


The Wastelanders is a terrific, very well-written book ideal for anyone who enjoys science fiction. Highly recommended!


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