Review: Four Days by Jamie Campbell

I haven’t done a review in a while, I know I am way backlogged, but I had that blog tour and then I published and now I am getting back into the swing of things. You can expect the regular schedule to start up again for this month.

Wtihout further adieu:

four days

4.5 stars


First, this was my first foray into sport romance, so my measuring stick is as it has always been according to my guidelines and I am just going to assume that this one is typical for the sub-genre.

Second, Jamie has written a novel that makes you want to get the next one. This is a sweet, happily for now, romance. Luci is Flemish, James is New Zealander, and the two are forced on a road trip together. The characters are well-developed, though it took me a little time to start to enjoy Luci and her narrative. James is the kind of book boyfriend that won’t ever let you down. The descriptions were beautiful and and the plot exactly what you would expect from the title–a four day journey into the beginnings of what will be a deep and lasting relationship.

There were a few minor editing errors and none noteworthy enough to say it interrupted my reading (very nice for an indie author!!)

Definitely recommend to readers who love sport romance, sweet romance, series romance, and cerebral romance. And you can bet I will review the next one as soon as it is out!


Told in the first person (past tense), “Four Days” is Luci’s story of collapse and rebuild; of broken love and the promise of future love – and redemption. A Contemporary Romance that includes a road trip through New Zealand, a hero, villains, a foul-mouthed best friend, and tennis.

Luci’s Wijn’s six year career as a professional tennis player started with early promise; then came mediocrity; then came life as just another obscure player moving from tournament to tournament. With her career in limbo and her personal life in turmoil Luci has spent the last six months hiding from the challenges ahead. But at her best friend’s wedding it dawns on Luci that she has only four days until her first tournament of the year. With life on and off the court catching up with her, and events conspiring against her, Luci has no choice but to let a man she hardly knows help her through what just might be the most important four days of her life.

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