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Cover Reveal!!! Ambrose Is Coming!

Oh, you thought I was going to post my own cover here?


You will have to go looking for it.

I have a list of places you can find the cover for Falling Angels, because I have friends in bloggy places that wanted to help get the word out.

Falling Angels coming June 17th

Isn’t Ambrose just gorgeous!?

Julie Nicholls did the artwork for my cover and here is the original painting she created just for me.

You can find her other art at and you can add her to your Facebook likes at or contact her at


Now for the places you can go see the cover!!!

Veronica Del Rosa

Rachel Chanticleer

Adri Sinclair 

Merritt Kelly 

Miranda Shanklin

Kawanee Hamilton 

Echo Shea 

Sarah Curtis 

Maggie McCullough

Cassandra Sparks

Jamie Jeffries 

Scarlett Finn

Julie Nicholls

Mistral Dawn

Barbara Chioffi




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