Monday Personal Log

MPL 10: News, Events, and a Cover Reveal!

My brain is in overdrive right now. I might have bitten off more than I can chew…

This month is turning into one of those super wonderful and exceptionally busy months. Next month is going to be the same! I’m both excited and nervous.

May 13-15 I am hosting a dinner party event on Facebook and it’s going to so freaking awesome. We will have authors, recipes, and love–lots and lots of love. We will have a contest for our attendees to show off their culinary skills and a grand prize full of exciting stuff.


On top of that, Falling Angels is getting a cover and is going off to the editor May 25th! It will be released in June and I can tell you now, Ambrose is the best book boyfriend I’ve ever written. You will fall in love with him; I know I have.

fallen angel

Also in June, I will be participating in a month long blog tour organized by the incredible Mistral Dawn. I’m both anxious about and infatuated with the idea of a blog tour and I can’t wait to see how this plays out for all the authors involved.


This last weekend, I had the opportunity to ARC/Beta read Veronica Del Rosa‘s next novella. I cannot wait to share Assassinated Love with you all. I am one of Veronica’s biggest fans and she has made me love her all the more with this one. Guess what! She is giving me the honor of doing her cover reveal!

Assassinated love

Isn’t that just gorgeous! You are going to love this origin story! It will be out in August. If you don’t already follow Veronica, go get on her blog right now. There might be a little something special for the fangirl/boy in you there.

Speaking of author’s I adore. Julie Nicholls is putting Angel Within on sale Wednesday only for 99 cents! That is a cheap deal for a 5 star read! Kai of Darkmide is sexy as hell and you don’t want to miss out on this.11195489_1040761539285379_2099175781_n


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