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Superpowers: A Conversation with Adri Sinclair

I was wandering around the web recently and came across a video showing the difference between the answers kids give versus the answers adults give when asked: “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?”

Having thought about this a lot, I asked myself what my child-like answer would be. My asnwer came to me in three stages: my first pick, a physical power, and a mental power. So here are my picks:

1. I would give myself the superhuman power of immunity. Immunity to all disease and sickness would be my super power and I would use it for the good of humanity! My blood could create vaccines for diseases that we’ve never heard of, cures for disease we battle every day. I would be a medical hero!

2. If I had to pick a super human ability that was purely physical and tradition, I would go with speed. Let me run faster than a speeding bullet, I say!

3. If I had to pick a purely mental ability, it would be telepathy with limitations. I wouldn’t want to be able to “hear” people who I couldn’t actually hear with my own ears. And why would I want this invasive superpower? Because I have this undying, burning curiosity about what goes on in the minds of babies and toddlers. How do they process the world? How do they learn language? How does a child’s mind work so imaginatively? These are questions that I wouldn’t mind getting first hand experience answering.

So that’s me. I asked Adri Sinclair what she thought and she sent me to a blog post that made me laugh, and she agreed to write a little something for today’s post.

It is 5am, and I’m having a random catch-up chat with the formidable author, Jen Winters. Jen then asks me, as random conversations happens, “If you had a super power, what would it be and how would you use it.”

Now, my family and friends knows this about me, and I am not ashamed of it. I want Wolverine powers. For real. I’ve been fantasising about having them since I saw the very first movie – which prompted me to get all the graphic novels! See, here’s my thing: I like surprising people, and I like having a laugh. It is a terrible sadistic streak which, usually, only appears when I get annoyed. So I want Wolverine powers!

Your pants hanging down your bottom? No problem! Wolverine Powers Activate! Problem solved because your pants are now shorts and you’d want to keep them up. Your hair is in my way at the movie house? No problem! Wolverine Powers Activate! Problem solved because you’d have a bald patch and can wear a baseball cap in the future. I’d never have problems reaching the top of the cupboard [I’m a shorty, it is VERY annoying] – though admittedly a few things may end up with holes in the containers. I’d be able to rescue kittens from trees, because I’d use the claws to cat-climb said tree! My favourite saying – which again my family and close friends will verify – is: I’ll ruin your weave with my wolverine powers.

The thing about super powers, is that people tend to think you have to choose them for good or bad. That they come with a great responsibility and that you should choose carefully. My philosophy is a bit different on that. I choose my super power based on a few factors.

1. It is convenient

2. It is super cool and modeled by a hot guy

3. It is an lazy skill, I don’t have to think too hard on why/how I want to use it.

I can’t imagine having a mental type skill – gods, if you know what goes on in my head, you’d be happy I don’t want one of those! They take too long to train, and I LOVE giving my crazy a bag to be shook up in. Telekinesis? No thanks, things will randomly fly at nothing and I’d be so tired that by the time I need it, I’d have depleted the energy to use it! Lazer beams from the eyeballs? Eehw, just… eehw no! AND, I enjoy dirty looks far better. Flying? Oh honey I don’t even drive a car, CAN you imagine if I were to fly? BIRDS would beg me to please just get back down, please… And so on and so forth: I know you may think I’m not taking this seriously, but truth is? I am.

Super powers should be chosen [if you ever get the opportunity] by way of comfortable extension of yourself. Humans are inventive, and regardless of your skill, you will find a way to use it to assert your personal intent. I do not want to save the world, I do not want to be a super hero – I just want to have that one thing that aids me in having more choices… So… with that…. Wolverine Powers, ACTIVATE!


[Thanks Jen, for entertaining my mad rambles. As I said, it is 5am! Hahaha]

LMAO!! I just love this woman! Check out Adri’s website: and go get her books:


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