Wednesday Review: Alluring by Sarah Curtis

4.5 stars

I waited too long to read this book. I had it on my TBR for about six weeks and when I did finally open it up, I read it in one sitting. My favorite thing about Alluring was how realistic Mr. Jackson Cole’s attitude toward Alexis was to me. I cannot imagine a billionaire playboy acting much differently than the possessive, almost obsessive, way Jack reacted to every little thing in Alexis’ life. For much of the book I was giggling like a school girl because of Jack’s bourgeois reactions to Alexis proletariat insistences.  There is a bit of a mystery with a stalker involved, but don’t get too comfortable with your assumptions, Sarah Curtis does a great job of redirecting your theories around every turn.

While there were some spelling issues that made me want to grind my teeth, for the most part the book was a nice polished contemporary billionaire romance with a lot of steamy moments. 4.5 stars for this romance lover. Find Alluring on Amazon:



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