Short Story Reviews and the Beer You Will Need to Read Them

So, I have several short stories for you today. I’ve been thinking about posting a bunch of reviews all at once, and requesting and receiving the first book on this list encouraged me to write this post earlier than I expected. So, grab a beer, splash some orange juice into it, pull up a chair, and sit tight–do I have a list for you!

The Red Bride1. The Red Bride by Jeremy D. Hill

This is a classic vampire story. I read it in about half an hour, so it is short. Hang on to your hats, though, you might get to the end before you’re ready. Two cousins in a small town discover a mysterious beauty moving in–and all hell breaks loose. That’s all I’m giving you. There are some editing issues, but overall this rates at a 4 star for classic vampire horror.

groupie2. Groupie (An Erotic Short Story) by Taabia Dupree

What happens when a celebrity meets his match? Sex. Hot, steamy, get your B.O.B. sex. Alpha male, body-building Stephan doesn’t like commitment, but he can’t get that one encounter out of his head. Angel won’t settle for less than the best, and with Stephan, she already knows she has her work cut out for her. 5 stars for this erotica, and keep them coming, Taabia Dupree!

Pirate Dave3. Pirate Dave and His Randy Adventures (Career Ending Romance Spoof) by Robyn Peterman

I doubt seriously that this 5 star novella ended anyone’s career, much less Robyn Peterman’s. I laughed so hard, I cried. Time-travelling, warlock, pirate Dave has a hard-on he can’t get rid of even with twins at his beck and call, and Poseidon is cheating at Scrabble. Ok, you get the idea, it’s a wonderful, light comedy for the romance spoof lover in you. Warning: Peterman loves to make you blush and sear your good senses.

chained in darkness4. The Chained in Darkness serial by Nicholas Bella

First let me lay this out: this is a specific mood read for me and I haven’t finished the whole serial. I’ve read the first maybe 5 books, one at a time, with long breaks in between. This is a menage, m/m dubious consent, extreme BDSM, paranormal vampire erotica. I think I got that description as right as I can manage. It is the story of a vamp-hater becoming a good son to the vampire who turned him and it will wring you one way or another. Definitely a 5 star read for its genre, but I would not recommend to anyone with a problem with forced submission.

shocking Cassandra5. Shocking Cassandra byMary Jane Cabot

Another short, lively erotica; Mary Jane Cabot introduces a conservative wife to her husband’s newest creation–a cyborg sex machine. This is a great BYOBOB, 5 star read for the horny girl in you.

*Ooookaaaay, I cannot find any links to this, so if you want it, I might have to just lend it to you from my library.*

whoneedslove...6. Slutopia’s Who Needs Love When You Have a Cyborg Lover… (Naughty Natalie book 1) by Vickie Valentine

You will read this and want the next one immediately. It will not satisfy the slut in you. Get it, read it, and then for the hell of it, go get another. 5 Stars.


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