Midweek Reviews: Two Awesome PNRs You’ll Want to Read

Usually, I write one or two separate reviews, but this week, I have read a number of wonderful books, so today I am doubling up.

First up is Adri Sinclair’s Hidden Carmina.Hidden Carmina

I have three things to say on the technical side of this review:

1. Adri Sinclair’s mother tongue is not English, but she wrote this in English.

2. Her technical writing is exceptional for a non-native speaker.

3. Because of the above, I am giving her a pass for the editing and grammar issues.

Now on to the good part. Have you read Twilight? Did you like it? Did you hate it? I read it and all the subsequent books and I loved them. In fact, I have probably read the entire series two or three times. It’s one of my go-to series when I am waiting on new reads and am bored.

Hidden Carmina is WAY better than Twilight. Some of you might think that’s nothing because you didn’t like Twilight, well all the things you hated about it, Adri fixed and made better in this book. It is a new adult, coming-of-age story, but without the angst associated with this type of paranormal romance. Carmina is a girl who knows who she is, loves who she is, and falls hard for a guy she doesn’t know enough about. She is a beautiful character and in conjunction with sexy, brooding Liam, I had the silliest grin plastered on my face for the entire book. Adri’s supernaturals are unique and a wonderful mix of common legends. I thought her vampires were amazing and sexy as hell. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

Get your copy HERE.

My second review is Kawanee Hamilton’s Nwa Pante Rising.11156747_10155389873705580_1358389282_n


So here is what I have to say about my rating: the grammar issues put this book at a solid 3 star, but the story puts it at a 5, so I compromised with a 4.

This is another new adult, paranormal romance. In this coming of age story, Shiloh finds out she’s a shape-shifter and the world as she knew it changes forever. Turi’s a shifter from her past, but she doesn’t know it, and when he finally figures it out, it’s too late to stop his hard fall into intense love for her. Their relationship is sensual, passionate, at times fiery with bouts of humor and stubbornness borne of the kickass nature of the characters. I especially loved Shiloh’s relationship with her three older brothers. I kinda hope that there is a few more books featuring them.

As for the story line–I don’t do spoilers so you will have to unravel the mystery of Shiloh’s past for yourself.

Find Nwa Pante Rising HERE.


3 thoughts on “Midweek Reviews: Two Awesome PNRs You’ll Want to Read

  1. *HUGS* Okay – and I would like to point out too hon – judged by the cover on goodreads? You had an very old version! Since then I’ve actually hired a Editor who fixed up most of my messes! [I believe I discovered more.]
    That being said – OMAIGOODNESS thank you so much for this positive review! I am jigging around like a loon!!
    HUGS – I’m super happy you liked it. xxx


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