Monday Personal Log

Monday’s Personal Log, 8

Holy crap! Holy Crap! Holy CRAP!

Kissing the Rain has been ranking in the Top 100 for the last few days on Amazon’s lists for short books and for the Romance-Demons/Devils.


It’s free, so that kind of explains a lot of it, but that doesn’t explain the burst of energy for Kissing Demons. Ok, well it sort of does. I wrote Kissing the Rain so that people would like my writing and buy Kissing Demons, so getting the little one free is prompting people to get the novel.


Also, my blog–this place you are reading right now–has EXPLODED this last week! I feel a bit like a pig with a pearl necklace because of the readership going on right now. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!

On a slightly different note. I will be co-hosting a Facebook dinner party that will run three evenings, tentatively set for May 13-15. This is going to be awesome. I have read some pretty amazing romances that appeal to my inner foodie and this party is going to be a romance addict/foodie’s dream come true. We will even be trying out the recipes in our own kitchen and sharing results. It’s different, I know, but if you are an author and you think you might have a book-related recipes to share, let me know. Email me at, send me a recipe that your character loves and which book it relates to, and though space will be limited, we will let you know if we have a place for you. This is going to be a several course dinner party so appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, etc are all welcome and will have a place.

One more thing.

I am falling for you. It’s ok if you don’t love me back, I can handle that. My love for you is wider and deeper than any kind of rejection can overcome.

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Personal Log, 8

  1. Oooooh that dinner party sounds great! I don’t know if I can make it, it’ll depend on what I learn tomorrow… moving and stuffs..

    And congrats on the book success! That’s amazeballs! 😀 I’m so happy for ya I could just explode all over the place 😀 *raises a glass to ya*

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