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Ten on Tuesday with Adri Sinclair

adriPlease welcome Adri Sinclair! She has been an awesome author friend and supporter for me in resent weeks and I am happy to bring you a little glimpse at a wonderful woman. Follow her, like her, get to know her. She is a woman of worth.

You write Paranormal Romance, Do you read it as well?
If I’m honest? I’ll read the bubblegum wrapper on the floor. That is a yes – but I do not limit myself. I am selective over my choice – but not because of genre or author, mostly because of my mood. Reading should be enjoyed, and if I am not in the mood for a heavy read, it becomes torture!

I have recently become aware of how right you are. I realized that when I opened my blog up to random authors that I needed to spice up the review requests with the reading that I wanted to do too. That has pushed a few reviews back, but I am ok with that.

What drives a Paranormal Romance for you and makes it something you want to read/write?
Oh this is difficult to answer. Let me try and organize it in two parts, if you will indulge me for a minute.
On the reading side – I am often in awe of something ‘new’, something far removed from the writing mills. Imagination gets me, every time. I ‘read’ in ‘pictures’, throw in a good bit of prose and a healthy dose of imagery, and I am stuck to the pages until I’m done. A good plot goes a long way too. Keep me guessing. While I’m alright knowing the outcome, I like NOT knowing how we are going to get to it.

Writing – that is a different ballgame for me. I like to write my books in a way that makes you think: Nahw, that isn’t possible… is it? I strive to take inspiration from those I’ve read, and give it a tangible unrealistic realism. If that makes sense? And of course, back to the plots – I try to write it how I’d like to read it.

I understand completely. I think in pictures too. I explain it this way: every word out of my mouth has a picture associated with it in my head. When sentences flow from me, a stream of pictures is running through my mind’s eye. When someone else can make the pictures for me, it makes for a wild ride!

Is there an author that makes you strive to be a better writer? Who is it and why?
This is a trick question right? [laughs!] I often say “I refuse to choose.” I think even in the writing which may be considered ‘poorly written’, there is a self-motivational message to become better. To learn from the mistakes or successes of others.
Now, that being said.
I will categorically state that I have visually inhaled every word the late Sir Terry Pratchett has ever written. He is the only author I have done that with.

So, like, if I said Good Omens is a book I read on a yearly basis, you would know what I’m talking about?

What do you think you bring to your books that makes you unique?
I am not sure if it is unique, but it has been brought up a fair deal – first by the beta readers, and more recently in a review – Location. I refuse, point blank, to pin a location down in my books. I want to show the beauty, raw and beautiful, of the environment. I don’t want anyone to read it and have a preconceived idea of what it should have been like, or what it is/isn’t like.

And plot twists… I have had a lot of comments about that too – mostly positive. I try not to be too convoluted in my plots – but since I don’t plan anything ahead of time… I don’t even know what or where the plot is until I’m done writing it!

The Second Breath Chronicles, I hope, is a world where myth meets reality – is it unique? I don’t think so, but I do love my planet!

Oh! That is intriguing! I have your book down for a review in April, but I might have to start in on it sooner.

What started you on the path to becoming an author?
You know, I still don’t think I am an author! I think authors are super beings with brilliant talents who need capes and special powers – like you! I am just a person who likes words. What started me writing? I remember in primary school, we had these pretty writing paper collections. Well, my friends traded theirs, and collected and all sorts… but me? I wrote on mine! I wrote love letters [for said friends!] to fit with the pictures. I guess I was destined to write romance of some sort!

LMAO! Me?! Well, actually, I do have a cape, and I tell my kids I have superpowers, so…

I love romance too, but I never saw myself as a romance writer until I decided to write for publication. What a trip it has been, yes?

What is that one moment you have had as a writer that made you realize you were actually a real author?
I will let you know when that realization truly takes a hold of me… I do take my writing seriously, but since I am starting out, I think none of it has sunk in properly yet.

You are a real author, Adri. (I suddenly felt a bit like the blue fairy just then)

How did you work your advertising and build your following?
Oh, it pains me to say, but I am only just dipping my toes into this. For nearly 17 years, I have worked as an online/internet marketing consultant – the last years I worked as a Marketing Director. I did everything from website design, SEO, Content writing, social media, traffic selling and buying, events, networking – you name it. So I know what needs doing… but I am procrastinating by writing instead. The marketing stuff is ‘work’ – the writing is ‘fun’. I am having fun at the moment!

  1. Am. Jealous. Can I please get some real, down-to-earth marketing help from you? I will pay in love, adoration, and promotion *wink, wink*

As an author, what is that one memory that will always stick with you?
The day my husband printed my first completed novel for me; 16 June 2014. I stood like a zombie with my hands full of A4 pages, staring between him and it. I still remember my exact words that day: “Where did I get all these words from?!”
It was truly surreal! [rinse and repeat that for the next two novels too!]

I have never seen my book in print, though I have seen a different one in print, and man was that an expensive rough draft! Maybe, someday…

How have your aspirations as a writer changed over time?
I’ve only started writing a year ago – and so… I don’t know if this answer may change again in the future. I think the biggest change came in wanting to share the ‘feel good’ emotions I am currently undergoing, with other writers. At first, I was a bit selfish with that – but now I really want to encourage anyone who’s had a thought about writing, to just do it! Those feelings of achievement, regardless of the quality or if you get published, is just so intense! The feel good emotions are the validation I think we all need. Not money, or fame [though that would be nice wouldn’t it?] but that downright dirty self-pride happiness… nothing like it, for me.

I get that from my reviews. Sometimes, I sneak over to Amazon when no one is looking, and reread my reviews just to motivate me to keep writing. *laughs*

Have you quit your day job yet or are you planning to anytime in the future?
I started freelancing five years ago, in order to homeschool my daughter. Last year, she turned seventeen and started Uni. I am very fortunate to have my hubby as my biggest supporter, and so he encouraged me to give up the freelancing work, and do what I like.

Oooh! Another homeschooling parent! Sweet! Though I guess you’re done now. I’m just starting, really.

What are you working on now?
I have now finished books 4, 5 & 6 [waiting on the poor editor, I am so blessed to have her!] – and I am half way through writing the first draft of book 7. All of the books are part of the Second Breath chronicles, all of them romances.

Book 4 & 5 introduced Agri and Ash [Newly created vampire learning about leeches, recruiters, reapers, protectors and guardians – and Ash, the [smoking hot] man to teach her about it all. It also brings along a smoking old elemental, a crooked handler and a couple of mean, mean gals]

Book 6 introduced Billy & Bastian [Dragons, Valkyries, Fae, Demons, templars!] and now book 7 – The story of Mr. Mallory & Len – Nephillim, incubi, succubi, demons, angels and a few unsavory ‘newly bred’ creatures. Yip, still sticking with the paranormal romance! Oh, and I have started a rough sketch of book 8 which will take us right back into the Valley to finish where we left off with book 3!

Tell us a little about your previous works and how we can get our hands on them.
Hidden Carmina is my first – and she is the ‘forever free’ promise I made to myself and those who initially encouraged me to publish it.

You can download the book on Amazon:
or Offworlders:

Where can we stalk–erm, follow your work online these days?
You can find me on FB –
Always up for chat on Twitter: [@my_mindgrind]

Goodreads :

I also write an exclusive web-story, twice a month for the Offworlders publishers – you are all invited to come see what I did in space! [It is a fanfic, based on my gaming experience in Eve Online.]  You do not need to know the game, to enjoy it – you may however learn a bit about me in the process.

[If you get the impression I’m encouraging stalking, you would be right!]

Thank you for your time, Adri! You are more awesome than a pink elephant on a trapeze! And thank you, Reader, Adri and I appreciate your likes, shares, comments, and questions.

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday with Adri Sinclair

  1. Course I’d know about Omens!! I am so not kidding about that man’s work – my first Author Crush!
    Hi Don! I guess you’ve not read any Paranormal Romances that you can remember? Cus I KNOW You’d remember Terry Pratchett’s work.
    As for Marketing & Advertising: I promise Jen, the day I push my pencil/keyboard aside and truly focus on that aspect, I will grab you and sweet you along lovely! *HUGS*

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