Review: Demon Within by Julie Nicholls

five star
demonwithincoverI’ve had some pretty heavy pieces this week so far, so today I am lightening thing up with a feel-good, make-you-want-to-buy-the-next-one review.

Demon Within is a paranormal romance with some steamy love scenes, but don’t get too excited–Julie Nicholls makes you wait for it. While most of the PNR I’ve read follow just one couple, this Nicholls gives you the delight of getting to know three separate couples, inextricable entwined by life and fate. Kai is a former slave and rebellion leader, who now leads his people with a strong, if sometimes violent, hand. In order to help his people and strengthen his place among the other rulers, his closest friend, Jace, negotiates an alliance with their neighboring country. Eloise, the daughter of the king, is part of that deal.

Both Kai and Eloise learn to love each other through moments of bliss and times of heart-wrenching horror.

I adored this story! It was a sweet, steamy, engaging, no-bookmark-required PNR with endearing characters and enough twists and turns to keep me occupied with the plot until the very end. If you haven’t already, pick this book up, put it at the top of your TBR, grab a glass of you favorite red wine and settle in; it’s going to be a great evening for a cozy read.

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