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Ten on Tuesday with J.C. Brennan

JCBrennanWelcome J.C. Brennan! Today I am interviewing an author who caught my attention through her active participation with #IndieBooksBeSeen and her twitter voice. Follow her: @JanetCBrennan.

You write in several genres. Do you read them as well?

I write historical fiction, dark fantasy, and horror.  I love to read, it’s the best way for an author to become the best at what they do. As my favorite author once said:

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

Stephen King

That may be one of Stephen King’s most famous quotes and I agree wholeheartedly.  Reading should be a part of every writer’s regimen.

What drives a story for you and makes it something you want to read/write?

Since I was young, about twelve, I have been reading horror. Anything that can scare the pants off me or that is dark and unique I want to write about it.

I like your thinking! I just yesterday had my first jaunt into writing horror and I admit to being sadistically pleased with the reactions I received from my fellow writers.

Is there an author that makes you strive to be a better writer? Who is it and why?

As I mentioned, Stephen King is my favorite author.  The reason for this is he has a way of weaving a story that drags the reader into whatever world or situation he has dreamt up. I never want to be Stephen King; the world has been blessed with this man’s talents.  But I strive to have the skills to capture the reader and keep them in the worlds I create.

Oh yes, that is definitely the goal of many a good writer. You have piqued my interest in your work. While horror isn’t a genre I think about reading or writing, I’m going out to get one of your books now!

What do you think you bring to your books that makes you unique?

I wouldn’t say that I am unique in any way, shape, or form. However, I do have some amazing twist in my dark fiction and horror. If this makes me unique in any was so be it.

Pshaw! Every writer brings their own unique perspective to their writing. I am looking forward to your twists and turnsI love a book that can keep me guessing!

What started you on the path to becoming an author?

I have had a rough life and I have been writing since I was young enough to remember. I had notebook full of short stories and poems but moving, life events, even fires have taken all that away.  However, they’re still in my head.  I didn’t know I would become an author I just wrote down things I had dreamt about and one day a book emerged.

Tragedy! I have tubs full of my early writing in my garage. My heartfelt sympathy for losing your early work! I often have dreams that inspire my writing; I wonder if you would like to write about that for a guest post? *hint, hint-wink, wink*

What is that one moment you have had as a writer that made you realized you were actually a real author?

I still don’t believe I am a “real” author, yet, that is a title given to those who have put their time in.  I am not say I don’t have thousands of hours into my writing or that I have not written thousands of words.  But I believe that a “real” author, as you have called it, needs to publish more than one book. Has to make a thousand mistakes, and go through a thousand disappointments. When that is all done I will be a real author.  I am well on my way but not quite yet.

Interesting. I haven’t thought about the disappointments that make an author genuine. I think every day that I look at my sales and don’t see any keeps me writing, hoping that eventually getting more of my work out there will generate interest and sales.

How did you work your advertising and build your following? 

This is the most difficult part for an independent author. Not only do we have to put our blood, sweat and tears into the stories we write but also we have to put ridiculous hours into promoting, networking, and giveaways. It is a grueling, relentless, and sometimes unrewarding task but I love it.

Me too. I think some days I spend more time and money with and on my potential readers than they do enjoying my book, if they get it at all. Haha!

As an author, what is that one memory that will always stick with you?

My childhood, I have memories banks full of new stories due to my childhood and the events that took place.

This is the second time you mentioned your childhood. I find it curious how you have brought experiences that I get the impression were terrible into the creative process that has led you to self-publishing.

How have your aspirations as a writer changed over time?

I have become that which I hate:  a critic.  Even after I have published a novel, I am criticizing what has been written.  Everyone says ‘you are your own worst critic,’ so true.

The more we grow as writers the more we recognize the failings of our early works. I have determined that my debut novel will just have to remain as it is. I could spend the rest of my career polishing it up, but I have decided to let it be with all its flaws. My next one will be better and the one after will be even better. I will do as Walt Disney and keep moving forward.

Have you quit your day job yet or are you planning to anytime in the future?

No, I work eight hour days and come home to write.  I am working two full-time jobs and will not quit my “day job” until I can. When that will happen, I am not sure.

For the most part, indie authors everywhere can relate. Good for you getting your writing in after work! We all hope you can eventually stay at home and write full time.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on a novel called “Eternal Bloodlines.” I have two novels from A Fine Line Series (A Fine Line: The Ancients (Part I) and (Part II) in editing.

Tell us a little about your previous works and how we can get our hands on them.

My first novel, A Fine Line: The Beginning is the first in the series. It is about a soldier, William T. Healthaway II, who is trying to get through the Civil war to make it home to his expecting wife and three daughters.  He is in the battle of Pickett’s Mill with his life-long friend who is shot and William believes him to be dead.

William is injured and the force of the shot throws him back into a rotted tree where he is unseen by his unit. He is found by two runaway slaves, Cecil and Tyrone.  Cecil and Tyrone help William back to a hospital and on the way they pick up Fillmore and Brimmount (also injured), two others from William’s unit.  When they get to the hospital they find that Buckner is not dead he had been seriously injured but alive.

These five people begin the journey back to William’s home in Charleston Missouri but they are in for the shock of their lives for on the journey strange events begin to happen and each begins to develop unique powers. They find out from William’s wife, Caroline who is a clairvoyant, they are going through an ‘awakening’ and are a part of a very old people called the ‘Ancients’.  They also run into the arch rivals of this ancient people, the damned, who are out to destroy William and his friends and family who begin calling them self the ‘Crew’ thanks to Fillmore.

The series shows how the ‘Crew’ begins to find out more about their past, the development of their powers,  their encounters with the Damned, the deaths from those encounter, and how the Crew has been chosen to save humanity.

This first novel can be found on Amazon, AuthorHouse, and Barnes and Noble. It is in ebook, hard cover, and paperback.

Where can we stalk–erm, follow your work online these days?

I am on Goodreads, WordPress, and I post quite a bit on Facebook and twitter.




Twitter: @JanetCBrennan

Thanks J.C. for coming and spending some time with me! I look forward to reading your novel! And thank you, Reader, J.C. and I appreciate your likes, shares, and comments. If you have any questions for J.C. comment below—questions and comments are welcome!


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