Review: Flynn’s Log 1: Rescue Island by Stone Marshall

five star


rescue IslandI utterly rave about this book to everyone I know who plays Minecraft. I adore the story that Stone Marshall has created here. Flynn finds himself suddenly a digital player in a Minecraft world; the story takes you through his days beginning as a new digitized person and how he comes to find his purpose in the game.

The best thing I can say about this book is that it gave my daughter the desire to learn to read. I am a homeschooling parent and I was honestly afraid my daughter would hate reading for her entire life. And then I found this book. I started reading it to her, hoping against hope to ignite a fire for books in her. That was two months ago. Now she is reading it to me (re-reading). Two months ago, I was lucky to get her to read an early reader book, and because of this one I have a girl who loves a good story and is happy to learn to read it for herself.

That is the best thing I can say as a mom, author, and reader. As a reviewer, I think this story is fantastic, the characters and plot draw you in and let you escape into a world full of mystery, surprise, danger, and adventure. It is well written and a highlight of elementary/middle-grade reads.

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