Monday Personal Log

Monday’s Personal Log 6

I had an awesome weekend as an Indie Author. I participated in several Facebook events and even won a few cool prizes. One of the thoughts that kept recurring to me is how much of an investment being an indie author really is. I sold two books from all the events and I spent $11.98 to do it. For me, that tiny investment is totally worth it but it also means I spent more than I made this weekend.

Being an indie, getting my name out there and getting readers to buy my books is a challenge, an investment, and leads to a long works week. I spend about 60 hours a week working either by reading, writing, or pimping. How long do you spend working? Granted, I love my job, and it is quite fun, plus I get to do what I love: read, write, and socialize. How many people get to say that?

The best thing that happened this weekend was meeting an Amazon best-selling author and her asking me to review her book here on my blog! W-O-W! I’m excited to get to that review, but it made me realize, even the authors with a following as strong as hers still need to work their online presence. You make it to the Amazon best-sellers list and then you have to work even harder to stay there. An indie author’s job is never done. I work 60 or more hours a week now, what will it be when I’m them best-seller? I hope I can keep up!

Obviously my online presence will evolve with my work. Maybe I won’t do as many reviews or I won’t have as many personal logs–maybe by then, my blog will have evolved into something completely different than what it is now. Who knows? Personally, I can’t wait to find out. It’s an exciting journey and I am still on the edge of the beginning of it.

me n cody
But I absolutely am not doing this alone. Me and my DH, who supports, encourages, reads, and critiques. This man inspires my best book boyfriends.


8 thoughts on “Monday’s Personal Log 6

  1. Thank you so much for this. If I ever get my book written, I plan to publish as an indie author. It’s a lot more work yes. But it seems to me that indie authors are so much more in touch with their readers because of all of the time the time they spend getting their books out there. It’s a lot of work, but I think it is well worth it.

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    1. It is, Angie. Like I said before, you and people like you make this adventure so much better than I could have realized when I started out. So, I want to say, thank you to you too. You are wonderful, and I am happy to review for you when you do get your work ready for publication.

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    1. Speaking of the never ending to-do. Earlier, I looked at my scheduled posts and noticed that I didn’t have any for the week. Usually I have them scheduled at least a week in advance, but for some reason, this week I completely slacked. I had to go look at my calendar (thank God for Google apps) and find out who was supposed to be interviewed tomorrow. My week just got better, though, Jamie Jeffries will be here 🙂 She’s a doll!

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  2. Oh my goodness! well done on getting your credits in check! Confession of a Rookie:I only really started paying attention to all this stuff when I first met you and read your “Review Process” [totally fell in love with your ideals because it reflected mine – though much more elegantly]. You inspired ME to get my act together on the social media front!

    You are truly a role model to some of us, desperately flailing to get a foothold. So I salute you lady and I thank you so much for the time and effort you invest! I hope to pay it forward, sooner rather than later! xxx Grats on your events and the achievements on your milestones! xxxx

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  3. PS:!! I really would love to do a tribute to all the DH out there!!! Mine puts up with so much crazy at times, though I FINALLY wrote him his first Book Girlfriend Crush! YAY!!!


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