Review: Impermanent by Jamie Jeffries

4.5 stars


Impermanent is a romantic suspense that features a young, barely legal impermanantgirl, Em, who has run away from home because of a milk carton. She winds up in the Arizona desert and saved by Ty, a young businessman in Phoenix. Em may not know who she really is, but with Ty’s help she will soon discover that she and Ty have more in common than she knew.

Jamie Jeffries employs the first person narrative and switches easily and dramatically between Em’s POV and Ty’s. Seeing each character through their own eyes and through each other’s perspective makes this story perfect. Jamie tackles the issue of their age discrepancy, her learning disability, and their hero/damsel-in-distress relationship with both realism and optimism. I loved how they each recognized the limitations of the foundation of their relationship and worked toward a more permanent basis for their relationship.

I highly recommend this book to any romantic suspense fans, who also like a touch if taboo.



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