Review: Fatal Exposure (Desert Heat Book 1) By Jamie Jeffries

five star

Fatal ExposureFatal Exposure is a New Adult Romantic Suspense. In southern Arizona near the border, a body is found shot and mummified by the dry desert heat. Alex is the daughter of the small town’s local newspaper and picks up the story of the homicide for a front page article. While taking photos of the crime scene, Alex runs into her high school flame, Dylan. What ensues is the reigniting of an old flame with new fire, the opportunity to grow up, murder, kidnapping, fear, and love.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense. The romance was a very sweet, PG subplot, and the mystery of whodunit kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. The characters were dynamic and Jamie Jeffries use of their personalities and life circumstances to address real-life issues was absolutely perfect. Having grown up in the desert southwest, I was impressed by the knowledge and research that went into this book and appreciate the care taken by Ms. Jeffries when using the desert in her descriptions and plot.

I am definitely in the mood to continue her Desert Heat series! April can’t get here fast enough!



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