Monday Personal Log

Monday’s Personal Log 5

In the on-going adventure of self-publishing, I put Kissing Demon’s on Smashwords after a fight with the formatting. It was a bit of a chore, but I got it done, only to discover that the ePub version was wrong. I figured it out after some extensive reading and I hope with fingers crossed that I got it right this time.

This last weekend was my parents 34th anniversary. We celebrated with a roasted leg of lamb and some yummy Greek-inspired sides. My parents inspired me in so many ways, but their love for each other is amazing. 34 years into this thing and this happens:

Mom: If I rub your belly do I get a wish?

Dad: Yes!

Mom: *rubs his belly* I wish for a kiss.

Dad leans down and gives her a quick kiss.

Mom: I wasn’t done!

Dad: You didn’t rub the belly hard enough.

I caught them having a moment. if they knew I published this, they would be horrified ❤

And that is why my parents inspire me. I’ve only been married for a little less than two years, but my husband and I both hope that we are as in love as my parents are when we get to year thirty.

Speaking of inspiration, romance is one of those genres where the most mundane things can be inspiring. I have a friend on Goodreads, author R. Dean Phelps, who takes seemingly boring every-day situations and is able to show how romantic they are. He can take a task as simple as folding laundry, and show you how much love and devotion doing laundry can take. If you have a child, you know that everything you do for that child is out of love and commitment to that love, but it is also true for romance.

My mom makes my dad lunch every day before he goes to work. He never has to wonder if he can eat whatever is served in the cafeteria, because he doesn’t have to go to the cafeteria. She keeps his lunches healthy and good for him, making certain that with her food, he stays in the best physical shape she can offer him. It’s such a small thing, but as a result of her looking after him, he is in better health today than he was ten years ago when my mom was working full time and he was staying at home. The other thing about his lunches is that his co-workers notice. They know he has a great home life because of his lunches–and they are a bit jealous and a bit inspired, and often come to him for advice–all because of a lunch.

As a romance writer, I love that the little things can be the most meaningful. Sure flowers are nice, but what my friend’s father does for his wife is incredible: every year since their first, he gets her a rose for every year they have been married. Can you imagine that after 40 years, he is still doing this? She may know what she is getting for her anniversary, but since she only gets flowers once a year, this is incredibly romantic and meaningful for them both. Plus, for a while during the summer, their house is as fragrant as a rose garden in full bloom.

Ok, enough musing for today. I hope your life inspires your romance and you see the little things that mean the most.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Personal Log 5

  1. Totally made me smile!
    We’re on 20 years ourselves, and we take our lead from my Aunty & Uncle [surrogate parents] who’s also hit their 40year anniversary. Isn’t love grand?! xxx

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    1. And that is awesome! Congratulations on being counter-cultural and sticking it out. I shouldn’t say that, but it’s hard not to notice when a marriage lasts through the bumps and hard times.

      Live is amazing and having a couple to emulate is so worth it.

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