The Dragonswan Sisters

The Dragonswan Sisters, Prolog

Last night while laying next to my feverish son, I decided to see where my imagination would take me. I came up with a new concept for a light and fluffy PNR trilogy that I will be writing as soon as I get my first Guardian trilogy done. As a teaser for what is to come, I will be presenting a new chapter every so often (once a week, twice a week? Who knows! It will come as I get it written) of a short story introducing the Dragonswan Sisters for your enjoyment. Forgive me as this is a WIP and self-edited, so any constructive suggestions and comments are more than welcome.


Here is the prolog:

Thank you for coming today! As you know, the Dragonswan Manor is only open to the public for the week before Halloween, once a year. Every year, in celebration of the founding of the orchard that has led to the fame of the Dragonswan’s, the family opens up the house and grounds to the public and provides tours, like this one, tea, and temptations throughout the yearly celebration.

I hope you have your walking shoes on today because this tour takes us along a half-mile of the Dragonswan’s history and legends. If you will come with me, we will start the tour in the orchard.

This beautiful tree has produced the famous Dragonswan apples for two hundred sixty-nine years. Legend has it that the first Dragonswan woman had lost her husband while she was pregnant and she and her two daughters were starving. In desperation to save her family, she planted a single apple seed and made a virgin sacrifice of her eldest daughter. A god saw her desperation and accepted her sacrifice. The next day, this tree stood, fully grown with gleaming apples, ready to nourish the woman and her child.

As you can see here, next to this tree is the athame that was allegedly used to make the initial sacrifice. The story goes that to this day, the athame will only cut virgin skin. See, my hand remains uncut! The legend must be true!

As a precaution, we strongly advise you not to touch the athame, but in case you do, our hosts have kindly provided first aid for all the virgin skin out there.

In five minutes our tour will take us into the kitchen. Until then feel free to pick an apple.



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