Review: Bound by the Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn

4.5 stars

Bound By the Summer PrinceBound by the Summer Prince comes quick on the heels of Taken by the Huntsman. Shortly after the execution of their King, the Summer Court is falling into chaos. The Queen is in mourning and won’t see anyone, so the prince has taken on the duties of both the king and the queen. Pulled in too many directions at once and enraged by his father’s crimes, he takes a walk to clear his head and get away from the politics where he comes across some human intruder into his lands: Roni.

Having earned her degree from the school of hard knocks, Roni is a street savvy woman with her eye always on her next Mark. Conning men out of their wealth, she doesn’t lead the cleanest of lives, but she’s comfortable with who she is. When a mistake turns into a chase, Roni finds herself in a strange land where the plants are as dangerous as the creatures, and the only people she can see are the men hunting her, that is until she meets Uaine, who promptly tosses her in his dungeon.

Mistrial Dawn takes a sassy con artist with an agenda and matches her to a heart-of-gold Prince.  They both take their time learning the meaning of true partnership, but when they do finally get it, it is clear that they both complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly. The story is filled with internal narrative just as you would expect from this author and will draw you into the minds and hearts of her characters.

Get ready to ride the unadulterated waves of your emotions  as you read this novel. I was sad, angry, happy, frustrated, joyed, and so very hot for this couple. I loved Taken and Bound hasn’t left me even a little disappointed.



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