Monday Personal Log

Monday’s Personal Log, 4

I’m prepared to just ramble along today. I have several things I want to rant and rave about.

1. Writing resources.

fiona quinn
Fiona Quinn

I discovered a blog recently that you absolutely must check out if you are a writer. Fiona Quinn writes on and does the most amazing job bringing real life information to writers. She has posts on everything from underwater crime scene processing to life from a foster child’s perspective. While I haven’t had use for what I have read so far, I am so engaged that it doesn’t matter. She give real life details and structuring for writers to use while developing their stories. Go check it out. She is a gem on the internet!

2. Reviewing books.

I love reading and recently have really begun enjoying reviewing. I have finally determined what makes my reviews and decided how I can review fairly. While I try to read genres I enjoy, sometimes I just have to plow through a book that isn’t my cup of tea, but regardless of that, the author deserves a fair review. Plot, character development, style, and technical prowess are what makes a story good and depending on the genre, the expectations for those are different. An erotica will have significantly less plot and character development than a suspense, but both can still earn a fair rating from me even if I don’t particularly care for erotica. I am so proud of myself for figuring out the best way to review fairly for all kinds of books. It makes me feel better about reviewing because I can still write a good review, whether I liked the characters or the storyline, or even the genre.

3. On homeschooling.

I homeschool. My daughter is extremely ADHD and requires a different kind of learning environment than sitting at a desk all day. When I mention this to people on the internet and to people in person, I get varied reactions. I’ve had people question my ability to teach, and I’ve had people stare at me in awe that I’m doing something so noble. I have never had anyone insult me so much as I had last night.

This man on one of my networks engaged me in a conversation. He was one of those business people who put together a string of business-ey words that sound great and have zero meaning, like company mottos: we strive to make information accessible to all through emergent business construction and customer appreciation. Really. Means nothing because it’s too vague to mean anything.

Ok, so I can deal with that, ask direct enough questions that require real, meaningful responses, but when I mentioned I homeschool, he just went off! He insulted my ability to create a functioning, educated citizen and then spammed me with YouTube video links. I have only felt that kind of rage a few times in my life. I wanted to reach through my monitor to Texas and wring his ignorant neck.

Do not insult a homeschooling parent by assuming they are unable to educate their own child and that they are unaware of the responsibility taking on their child’s education requires. We know that you think homeschooling is weird and leads to weird kids. You know what, it isn’t and it doesn’t. My daughter has friends of all ages that she socialized well with, she is perfectly capable of making new friends all on her own. She is smart and talented, and she works hard. My cousins were all homeschool, and do you known the result? One in medical school, one electrical engineer, and one teaching ESL in Japan. Two are married with children. I would say, as far as homeschooling goes, this family was successful.

Ok, I’m done ranting and raving. Have a great day and check back tomorrow for an interview with Veronica Del Rosa.


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Personal Log, 4

  1. I wish I was there with you – not that you need help, I am sure – but I am a prime example of a parent who chose home-schooling too. My daughter is HFA [High Functioning Autistic]. This comes with social phobia, ADHD and overly sensitive senses, anxiety and paranoia. School was torture for her. She is 17 now, she’s finished no less than 7 University level Diploma’s while she figures out what she wants to do. We started off when she was 12. Even though I am highly educated, my native tongue isn’t English, and I have only ever had one person call me out in front of a group of people. I stepped back, and let my daughter answer him herself. That… was the end of that.
    Sometimes, home schooling is the best thing we can do for our kids. Sure it is not for everyone, but for kids like yours and mine?
    Don’t let this get to you lovely lady, there will always be ignorance in this world…

    Ace job on the book reviews and the resource page [I’ve used the blog for a while, just sitting and reading through, like you said, is fascinating stuff!]. xxx Sorry for the rambles and for jumping on your wagon…


    1. You are welcome to jump on my wagon any time! There are so many reasons for homeschooling, and reasons like ours arent even unique! Your daughter sounds pretty freaking wonderful! And i never would have guessed English isn’t you mother-tongue. What is? I have learned several dead languages in University: Ancient Hebrew, Ancient and Koine Greek, Latin, Ugaritic; so i have a love for language that i am managing to pass on to my daughter. We are learning Spanish together and German. Its slow, but she’s apt.

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  2. I am Afrikaans [South African colonial language influenced by several others… but it is very close to Dutch.] I am considered a ‘linguistic’ but while I can understand a language in minutes, I cannot speak or write it LOL.


  3. Homeschooling oughta be the best thing you can do for your daughter! Much respect. My mom taught ADHD and special needs kids out of our home. Schools these days… sometimes kids won’t get the attention they need. It’s hard.


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