Review: Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks

I met Anna Brooks through a facebook group we share and I offered to read and review her work. I am so glad I did.

five star

Make Me ForgetMake Me Forget is a contemporary romance that follows the blooming young love of 17-year-old Charlotte and 22-year-old Travis. Their love comes easily, but the age difference and then personal adversity keep them from fulfilling their destiny for more than four years.

Anna Brooks brings you into her novel with an aching need to discover how Charlotte will survive her regrets, mistakes, and need for redemption. She delves deeply into the psyche of abuse in Charlotte without becoming overly entwined in a hero-complex for Travis. Their love story spans enough time and adversity that it will not fall into the insta-love trope and will leave you with a satisfied sigh of relief when the end comes and they do get their happily ever after. Anna Brooks took me on an emotional ride, not a roller coaster that left me winded, but a nice drive out in the New England autumn–easy, beautiful, natural. I loved her for giving me a read that didn’t leave bring me in aching and leave me aching for more.

I look forward to her next novel.



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