Monday Personal Log · Reviews

Monday’s Personal Log, 2

So I read all weekend. I can’t say I was in excruciating pain because to me excruciating implies the kind of pain that makes you want to scream. On a scale of 1-10, it tops out at childbirth 11. But, I was in a lot of pain; the kind that no amount of over-the-counter pain relievers can help; the kind of tramadol does nothing for; I’d say I was/am at a steady 8. Sleep wasn’t really much of an option until utter fatigue just set in and then I dreamed about being eviscerated by a large drill boring holes into me.

So, I escaped the world into fiction all weekend.

Here is my shameless plugs for all wonderful books I read this weekend:

Bearllionaire, Bearlebrity, Bearthlete, Special Offers, Choosing Her Alpha (serialized novel), Make Me Forget, Sylvia’s Torment, The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires, Abstract Love.

Some of these I was asked to review, so those will be showing up in the upcoming Wednesday’s Reviews, and some of these I stumbled up quite by accident and loved.

Now to go write my reviews.

Oh, and I did publish Kissing the Rain. It’s free on Smashwords. 80 downloads over the weekend. EEK!


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