Monday Personal Log

Monday’s Personal Log

This past week I experienced a death in my family, sort of. My sister-in-law’s grandmother passed away. To say this is hard on her might be an understatement. Grandma Mae was her anchor after the death of her mother when she was a young teen.

I am not a very emotive griever. Grandma Mae took me and my daughter in like we were blood. SheGramma Mae was a light in this world that is rarely found. Her joy was tangible. She always had an encouraging word and a hearty laugh. And I will miss her, but I have to say, I am not good at grieving. I don’t have tears for the dead and I have a difficult time summoning tears for the living too. I just am not an emotive person most of the time. My experience with loss has been good. My maternal grandmother died and wanted a dance for her funeral, her soul mate soon followed and it was a relief for all of us, especially him. My paternal great-grandfather died and we had a worship service. All of my experience with death has never included a real funeral.

So when I went to the perfectly Catholic funeral mass for Grandma Mae, I did not know what to expect, though I was mindful that I might be bored. However, it turned out that the funeral mass was engaging and cathartic. If I hadn’t been wrangling my kids the entire time, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

Enjoyed a funeral mass…

Is that weird? I enjoyed a funeral. There weren’t a whole bunch of weepers because every person there was assured of Mae’s afterlife. We all know that Mae was a lover of Christ and a worshipper of God and she is safe in the arms of her God right now. The funeral extolled her virtues in this life and encouraged her friends and family to remember her with great love and affection and to be like her in our own lives. It was wonderful. I can now say that, though I am not Catholic, they do funerals right, I think.

Ok, ramblings on death are over now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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