Review: Alpha Contender vol. 1-4 by Terry Bolryder

Ok, ok, ok. I was sick yesterday. I still had my parental duties, but my sister-in-law and brother agreed to take my kids for the afternoon. So in an effort to stay awake, I decided to read a serial I’d picked up ages ago and hadn’t gotten around to reading. I figured I would enjoy a cheesy PNR more if I was sick. I really thought it would be a cheesy PNR and it kinda was, but I was seriously surprised.

Alpha Contender is a serial in 4 volumes. The first is free, however volumes 2-4 are .99c each. Altogether you pay about 3 bucks for a novel length 4 part serial. They are also on Kindle Unlimited, which I think I am deciding I need to actually take the dive and get.

Alpha Contender

So, my review: Pretty damn good! I’d give the whole serial 4.5 stars!

4.5 stars

First, amazingly, there were few if any spelling/grammar/typo issues.

Second, the cheese was perfect! Yes, it is a novel that is advertised as BBW/M and she did a great job making Misty an incredibly sexy woman without turning BBW into a fetish. Bolryder also managed to write a nice romantic novel without participating in the sex-scene tropes that many authors fall into. Her description is steamy, tasteful, and (mostly) true to life.

The story was absolutely not predictable to me. I couldn’t tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys until they were revealed, but of course you know from the start Lindon is the romantic hero, and you definitely fall hard for him.

Altogether, 4.5 stars for a novel I didn’t think I would like as much as I did. I have already bought her follow-up works and am looking forward to the reads.



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