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Kissing My Demons – Jen Winters #Romance15

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I started writing Kissing Demons out of desperation.


Yep, desperation.

I was a brand new mom with an 8 month-old and my husband had left me and my daughter to pursue his drug interests. I have a degree, a BA in Biblical Text, so basically I knew how to translate ancient near eastern manuscripts into English. Not a huge job market for that. I was desperate to make a life for my daughter. I had been writing fiction for years, just practice with my BFF. We co-wrote story upon story (fifty or more between high school and college). I am an avid reader, devouring books like cotton candy. Paranormal Romance was my favorite treat, so I decided that I could make a go at this genre. I was so naïve.

Almost six years later I have Kissing Demons. My editor, Jessica Augustsson, has helped me become a better…

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