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Why Carys Jones Loves an Anti-Hero – #Romance15

Romance Festival ’15 is getting started!

romance festival

Romance stories are often full of dashing heroes who would do anything for the heroine. They are chivalrous, kind and almost a bit too perfect. Personally, I’m always rooting for the anti-hero in the story. The guy who is troubled, brooding, unpredictable and undoubtedly bad for the heroine. She should go for the nice guy, the charming hero. But if she truly wants her blood to boil with wild, untameable passion it has to be all about the anti-hero.

Think Damon from The Vampire Diaries or Hook from Once Upon A Time. They are characters who can be downright evil but there is something so sexy about that, so appealing. The anti-hero won’t bring you flowers or serenade you in the rain but he can make your whole body quiver with just one smouldering glance.

It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to creating anti-heroes within my own stories. I…

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