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How to Write Dialogue – Isabel Wolff #Romance15

Write your dialog like a pro!

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Best-selling novelist Isabel Wolff offers her tips on how to write dialogue.

Dialogue is what happens when two or more fictional characters talk to each other. We’ve all read novels in which that conversation is conveyed very awkwardly and this clumsiness pulls us out of the book. Good dialogue, on the other hand, is a pleasure to read, and helps the novel dance along.

Dialogue performs several functions – it moves the story forward, reveals how the characters relate to each other, and creates or builds tension. It also provides a break from the longer descriptive passages which require more concentration from the reader. I know many people who, before buying a book, will open it to see how much dialogue there is. Too little white space, and they’re deterred.

To write successful, realistic sounding dialogue you have to develop an ear for how people talk – their vocabulary and…

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